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Check out this piece on realplayer - Paul's farm certainly looks up to speed...

Milne and Go Skin 'Em Here


-- Andy (, February 18, 1999


Hey! Paul wasn't foaming at the mouth...he even looked *gasp* "normal" ;-)

The piece is disapointing. Lacks the "real" feel to it, but then nothing feels real on tv. these days. Spiffy video clips and music etc. in the genre of "Beyond 2000" documentaries. The girls last words were especially dishartening and flat;[paraphrased] "so what should you do? Koskinen said you should prepare for a long weekend at home, some extra food and water, but it's important not to panic so as not to cause runs on banks..." etc. Lasts words are what stays on people's minds.

-- Chris (, February 18, 1999.

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