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Our money has been in savings and IRA's and we want to diversify and put it where it will be safer. We want to put some in gold but don't know much about what % incollectibles and h in "junk coins" for everyday use. Should you use that or just keep cash on hand? How do you know a reputable company to deal with about gold? How is the money transfer ect? We don't know who to trust. Any help?

-- donna olsen (, February 18, 1999


Hope that isn't your real e-mail because they'll all becoming out of the woodwork now e-mailing you. Beware of the Happy99 virus that comes through e-mails. You can't eat gold!

-- nogold (, February 18, 1999.


When preparing, keep these basics in mind and prioritize:

1) Heat, water, food.

2) Cash.

3) Barter items, such as toilet paper, batteries and matches.

4) Gold and silver if you still have any money left.

-- Kevin (, February 18, 1999.


I have all preparations done for survival of my family indefinately. I have been spending the last 2 months investigating very heavily the financial crisis that is on our door step. I am now in a mind set that its time to take advantage of the financial crisis and make a buck off of it.

I beleive that there will never be another chance in our lifetime than we have today to make our future generational families wealthy.

In early 1998, the world's second richest man realized that the best place to put part of his money was the precious metals market. Warren Buffett purchased about 20% of the available PHYSICAL silver supply, almost 130 million ounces. Notice I said physical. He actually took possession of the silver. He spent 6 months accumulating it.

When a guy like this takes a position in silver, it tells me that silver is a good value. I'm buying silver not for currency in a depressed world but to make several hundred thousand when it goes through the roof, which I beleive is just around the corner.

A good place to start looking into this is precious metals forums. and Kitco are the ones that I go to everyday. I buy my precious metals through a coin dealer in my area. Don't buy junk silver bags. They are the poorest value in the silver market. The best value is in 100 oz silver buillion bars. Although I do have silver eagles, these are for Y2K prep only. Don't buy anything from a coin dealer until you get the spot price from a reputable bullion dealer. Call Dallas Gold & Silver at 1-800-527-1269 or Kitco at 1-800-363-7053. Ask them for SPOT PRICE for what ever your looking for. Then call the coin dealer and tell him you can buy it through XYZ Company for X amout of dollars per ounce and ask him to match it. He Will. If you don't do it this way he may take advantage and charge you as much as a dollar more per ounce. There is a delivery cost and a paper trail if you buy from a bullion dealer or no paper trail and state sales tax if you buy from a coin dealer. Lets say you buy 15 100 oz bars. The delivery cost from Texas to Indiana would be around $130.00 with no sales tax to be paid. If you buy in your state, sales tax would be $450.00. Whats your privacy worth if you pay cash?

Pshannon has posted the last two days a NY Times series on the Global Financial Crisis. There is 2 more in the series that he will be posting today and tomorrow. Read these. Also read ecke.htm

May GODS Will be Done,


-- flierdude (, February 18, 1999.

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