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After hearing of y2k a few months ago I soon found myself giving myself a crash course on the matter. Just wanted to tell you all thanks for all the info. I became the y2k man in our church and was asked to tell the people both in the morning service and the evening service. It went really well and a lot more people were open to it then I thought would be. I got asked to do it again in another church and have been asked by two others if I would consider them as well. I'm amazed how people will listen if you are patient with them. Even the DGI seem to see the light over time. A special thanks to Diane and Old Git and all you informed GI's who have helpful to me and my family. Keep up the fight. Brother Board Man

-- Brother Board Man (, February 17, 1999


We need the media to run a headline that says: "Christain Fanatics Strip WalMart Shelves Bare of TP, Candles, and Matches." On Sunday at Mayberry Baptist Church, Brother Board Man gave a talk on Y2K Prepardness and 100 church members attended. As a result of this Y2K meeting, hundreds of you will have to do without TP for a week.....

-- Newsman (, February 17, 1999.

Good for you, BBM! Very brave of you to talk to all those people. You must be doing a really good job to be so popular. Would you let us know some of what you're saying and what kind of questions you're being asked? I'd particularly like to know if there's any one thing you say that gets people's attention.

-- Old Git (, February 17, 1999.

Newsman, enjoyed your post. You really cracked me up. Aunt Bea says to say hello. Our WalMart still has plenty of toilet paper but if you run low I know where you can get some.

Old Git, glad you responded. Spent less time on the history of the problem. Seems more people were interested in what things would affect their lifestyle. Have a lot of senior citizens that can appreciate hardships from days gone by. My dad was born in May of 1929. His family had built a nice house and lost it only owing $200. Had to live in a garage with his sister and three brothers during the dead of winter. Also took in kin-folk that were taken ill. My grandmother lived to be 96 and had a very giving heart. I figured I could do a little to make a difference. We talked about Social Security and Ponochio's version of being compliant, medicare, IRS, the stock market, world economys, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Spent an hour on Q&A time and people couldn't get enough. Told them anxiety was natural for a period of time and that would pass as you prepare.

Rumor says there is not a lot of good information but I beg to differ. Stated the facts and encouraged people to apply them to their own individual needs. Most people are rational if you don't wind their spring. Thanks for your help, you have obviously done your homework! Brother Board Man

-- Brother Board Man (, February 17, 1999.

Glad to hear it went so well!

My little 'ole 77-year-old mother has been nominated to be the Y2K presenter at her senior center. She's working on her presentation ideas, with lots of handouts from my online searching (and leads from the forum posters). She's making it her "mission" to wake up seniors around the community. (Plus pestering the town council).

If the people you talk with start mentioning Y2K glitch stories or if you get a sense of what their main, repeated, concerns are, please post. Thanks.

Keep up the good work!


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 18, 1999.

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