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[] The one who tosses the bones to Charon, called an Ace hardware in this area, who had ordered, some supplies for Y2K. He had received his order and was told by the truck driver, that they would not be able to order anymore for awhile as thier supplier was bought out by the US Government. The store owner could not give specifics as it didn't appear important at that time. If this is true, it is food for thought. Also others (a couple) went to a local Army & Navy store to buy MREs and was told that they could no longer get them from the Government. Again did not verify. But is worth looking into...Diane again you are needed!

-- Charon (, February 17, 1999


Call Surplus City in Oroville, CA (they have a website too). Ask them if this is true because they sell everything you could imagine in Army Surplus and other surplus items.

-- Wilbur (, February 17, 1999.

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