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Being rather slow, I didn't order Aladdins last fall, and now am on a 6 - 8 month waiting list *sigh*.

However, at the Canadian Tire yesterday, I picked up a kerosene and an oil lamp, C$12 each. They also had a good supply of kerosene and oil, and extra chimneys and wicks. Not a bad Y2K day, all told.

Unfortunately, stove plans are on hold again, I spent the money getting my car fixed :_(

Hope I helped someone!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 17, 1999


Tricia, you might want to consider a Petromax lantern.

They burn even brighter than the Alladin, The drawback is that they look functional, not pretty. Also, with the reflector they throw light down (so are good to hang from a ceiling), whereas the Alladin can be used more as a table lamp.


Good lantern, though, and will keep your house well lite -- and provide a lot of heat.

-- De (, February 17, 1999.

But then why would anyone want to advertise the fact that they are even home during the possible upcoming riots. I have a small oil lamp and expect to cover the windows with dark curtains. Luckily I am in a high rise so I can open the windows a bit for fresh air. However, i am still wondering how to generate heat, without a woodstove, fireplace, gasoline, propane, etc...

-- laura (, February 17, 1999.

Laura, I posted this on another forum, for another apartment dweller who was looking for an Aladdin lamp:

An Aladdin lamp is just about perfect for apartment dwellers who need light, heat and cooking ability with miserly fuel usage. You'd have to check with your landlord, but if I recall correctly, the national fire code allows 25 gallons of a combustible liquid such as kerosene to be stored in a dwelling. If you're allowed such storage, even a five-gallon container would give you 250 hours of light/heat. If in the coldest times you used the lamp for 16 hours per day (obviously, you must extinguish it before sleeping), you'd get one month's use out of 10 gallons. 25 gallons would see you through Y2K-winter 'til mid-March.

Search your local hardware stores for an Aladdin, they may have them. Better yet, call the 800 toll-free directory, get Aladdin Industries 800 number, and ask them for the names of several dealers in your area - I did and was able to locate quite a few lamps.

Like any device that operates by combustion, it requires oxygen, and kerosene lamps give off minute amounts of carbon monoxide. You must assure that outside air can come into the room you'll be using... it's tempting to super-seal the room in the hopes of keeping more heat in, but don't go overboard - keep a window or outside door cracked when burning any lamp. Also, let me repeat: never go to sleep with anything burning - you might not wake up.

Super-insulating the walls and ceiling, on the other hand, can be very rewarding for the apartment dweller. Use the mylar foil-plastic bubble type of insulation (available on rolls from home supply stores - fireproof variety- check code), and cover the walls and ceiling, doors and especially windows with it when the time comes. Attaching it with double-stick carpet tape won't do the paint/wallpaper any good, although you may decide you have to do that. Pins will work in a pinch, just have plenty of duct tape to hold the strips together - overlap them slightly for best insulation value.

You'll need several good fire extinguisher ABC-rated fire extinguishers handy if you'll be using any burning appliance. Even a bucket of sand is better than nothing.

BTW, have you planned on what might happen if water pipes freeze and burst in apartments above yours? Sheets of plastic used for plastic dropcloths are cheap and available right now, and could save your possessions.

Just some thoughts, hope this helps...

-- Why2K? (, February 17, 1999.

Laura, for some of us who aren't crowded with as many neighbors, it's good to have a bright lamp when needed.

De, I find that lamp rather good looking on that picture. All shiny and has rustic charm. I could decorate around it ;-)

Anyhow, who cares about looks when you're out in the cold eh?

-- Chris (, February 17, 1999.

Talk about an amazing find. My dear, beloved grandmother departed this life at the end of January and we went over to her house and my uncle pointed to a box and asked my dad to throw it out. I go over and inside are THREE Aladdin Model B's!!!! (made between 1933 and 1955). Well I just about had a conniption. I took them, cleaned the grime off them (they are beautiful by the way) and ordered about $132 worth of replacement parts from Lehman's, the people who supply the Amish Sorry I don't know how to do a hyper-link.

I am sooooo thrilled! Thank you Mimi, wherever you are! Amazing

-- Amazing (, February 18, 1999.

Thanks for the referal, De. I e'd Petromax and asked them about problems with Canada Customs, they said there are none. I think I will try the Aladdin 1-800#, first though. If I can get something locally, that would be my preference.

Thanks, for the other responses, too.

Laura, I'm not in a big city, although near one. However, I plan to hole up either in our basement (no easily seen lights), or to go to a bug out place. My husband is SGI (semi get it) and not willing to move right now. We looked last summer/fall for a cottage or country type place that we can buy in addition to our current house, but I really hate the idea of more debt. I've left it for now in God's hands. I'm keeping an eye out in the once weekly real estate mag. Meanwhile, I'm preparing with the expectation of staying here. *sigh*

I'll update on the lanterns as I get them.

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 18, 1999.

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Stan Faryna

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