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Does anyone know of a DCC system that supports un-tethered control? All of this digital technology should remote-controllable!

-- Randy Cooper (, February 17, 1999


Yes! Digitrax has a wireless system. They also have infrared (IR) capability, but I don't recommend any IR system. IR requires that the receiver be able to see the transmitter. How convienent is that?

I have the Digitrax RF system. I can control my HO, which occupies my entire second floor, and my garden RR all with a single receiver sitting in a window.

Many of the other manufacturers are working on systems.

The Digitrax system is one way. This means you can't get turnout feedback on the throttle. Big deal. Usually you are staring right at the turnout. So this is rarely a problem. You do have to reconnect to acquire and release locomotives. This isn't a big problem either.

AJ of Digitrax has told me they would come out with a two way system. But the above limitations are so minor, I suspect modelers will be wanting them to come out with something else more. So don't hold your breadth for two way. I told AJ I really wanted two way, but I won't loose any sleep if they never do.

All the above sends commands to a receiver and then your command station which sends standard DCC signals through the track.

I have heard people talk of sending DCC signals over radio so garden RR locos could use DCC and be battery powered. This is definitely possible. I think someone will eventually do this, but don't hold your breath for it. For one thing, every loco will need a radio receiver. This means the overall cost will be higher. Wiring feeders to your garden track isn't that big a deal. I've personally been displeased with the load the weight of the batteries places on the locomotive and how little run time I got. I gave up on battery power a few years ago. And again, the demand for manufacturers to develop other widgets may be higher.

-- Allan Gartner (, February 17, 1999.

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