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Well, the practice invasion on Monterey CA by the US Marines will come off as planned. They have decided to start a little later, so as to avoid the boats going out for the first day of the salmon season. And a number of other things I don't have the time to relate now. I think a lot of people would be interested in a first-hand account of the festivities. My question is, would people prefer a seperate web page, or shall I just post it here? I will most likely run quite long.

-- Annie O'Dea (, February 16, 1999


post here please

-- still trying (, February 16, 1999.

Hi Annie. IMHO a link is always better since it may have other useful links of its own. If you want, I'ld be happy to make a link if you post the URL. See ya. <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 16, 1999.

Annie, a hot link plus the full text, please. That way, when the link goes "Not Found," we'll still be able to read all about it in these archives. Thanks. We YourDoneEres must not exhibit the same short-sightedness, living and looking just for this week, as the ppl who put off Y2K remediation for the instantaneous gratification of the immediate bottom line, thus precipitating all of us to this steep Y2K brink.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (, February 16, 1999.

Good point Leska. <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 16, 1999.

Thanks, Annie.

Full text and link please when you have it.


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 16, 1999.

oh, all right, and since nobody else has said it so far -

Annie you be careful! Don't need you gettin' just for nitty gritty type details!

stay safe!

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (, February 17, 1999.

Yes ... do stay safe Annie!


-- Diane J. Squire (, February 17, 1999.

Hot link / cold link. Hot links are very easy to screw up in this forum.

How many times do people need to be reminded that a cold link can be copied (from the text in the post) and pasted into the browser "Location" window (or whatever the MicroSuck "goto" window equivalent is called.)

This takes maybe 1/2 second longer than clicking on a hot link. Sheesh. Cold links are fine. Deal with it.

-- a (, February 17, 1999.

I don't do hot links or html because it is so easy to screw up the forum when you do. Only exception was the GNP/TRADE table - which I had prepared by Excel's html convertor and then tested on an old dead thread first.

-- Paul Davis (, February 17, 1999.

Arlin, Diane, you two are so kind. Don't worry, I'm not getting too close. Right now I'm hoping to get a prime seat on the top floor of one of the downtown hotels. If not I'll start out on the porch then find a cosy coffee bar on the route. Either way I'll have the laptop along. I might not be able to get online, but as soon as I get home I'll download everything.

How does this sound, I'll post the main eyewitness stuff here, then link to a page with related info and links? The local newspapers have been comming up with stuff I want to link to.

-- Annie O'Dea (, February 17, 1999.

And there have been several posts regarding Texas war games (Invasion) also.

Martial law prep is one thing. Urban war games is another.

Dictatorship, anyone?

-- A (, February 17, 1999.


they don't have the forces to pull off a dictatorship over the continental U.S...maybe target a smaller area though?


-- Arlin H. Adams (, February 17, 1999.

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