When is the safest to climb Mt Blanc?

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Which month is the safest to climb Mt Blanc?(excluding winter time).

Also which routes are the safest?

Any information on this will be greatly appreciated


-- Evert Potgieter (epotgieter@aol.com), February 16, 1999


Safest would be in June - August. That's also when it's most crowded...

From Chamonix there are 3 routes - Gouter (normal) route, Trois Mont Blanc and Grand Mulets. I don't know anything about the roues from Italy.

The Gouter route is the "easiest" route, but with a few "unpleasent" spots, like Bowling Alley, where stones fall down at people, and the summit ridge where people going up and down meet...

The Trois Mont Blanc route is physically tougher with some nasty spots too.

The Grand Mulets route is generally used on the way down only. There's a place on this route where a bunch of people die every year, I heard there were 15 people killed there at the same time once. It crosses a glacier, which doesn't make it any safer...

Good luck.


-- Andrea Janda (ajay@hem.passagen.se), February 20, 1999.

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