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Is there any information on Y2K preparedness in Israel, and what state they are projected to be in, related to electricity, economy, transportation, etc. A lot of people may be going there for the millenium......

-- Ari Gerber (, February 16, 1999


The state of Israel's readiness is probably proportionate to how much of the money we send them is used for remediation. At a coupla billion a year, they should be in great shape. After all, we fight their wars for them, so there's money unspent there too.

-- herbert (, February 16, 1999.


Here's a link to an Israeli Y2K site. It says something about "Ministry of Finance":

Just a personal comment...with possible disruptions to transportation, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else on January 1, 2000 except the place I was willing to be at for the first few months of the year.

-- Kevin (, February 16, 1999.

Here's a State Department Y2K warning for overseas travelers:,2294,12633-21362-156624- 0,00.html

-- Kevin (, February 16, 1999.

We give Israel 50 Billion a year. However, it is not enough. They use spies like Pollard to steal our military tech. which they then sell to our enemies. In 1967 they launched an attack on the "USS LIBERTY", killing 87 of our sailors, in an effort to put the blame on Egypt and get us to attack Egypt. We need a serious wake-up call in this country folks. We should never forget this kind of incident.The families of those sailors surely have'nt. These TV preachers that claim Israel is a modern miracle, our friend, etc. are being mislead. This is a police state, supported by the U.S. for political reasons only. What you support and subsidize, you get more of.If you value your freedom, keep a close watch on these people and those that support them.

-- KoFE (Disgusted@wake.up), February 16, 1999.

It's unfortunate that the wackos are out there. This is a y2k bulletin board. Not an aryan nation or nazi forum. Get a life.

-- Calvin N. Hobbes (, February 16, 1999.

Dear Cal:

Unfortunately, if one strips out the vitriol, and the unsupported claim of sales of info, the above has some truth.the Liberty was hit by Israeli fire, and Pollard did acquire intel for them.

Having said that, neither of these requires the level of vitriol shown by the posters, in my NTBHO.


BTW : we may be buying it, but as a countervailing force, that DOES NOT bleed US Servicepersons' blood, the investment is well worth it. Kinda like getting your compettitor to pay an employee and keep him off a project.

-- Chuck, night driver (, February 16, 1999.

You are wrong Calvin, I am not a nazi or aryan nation nor anti-semitic, but you have been trained to jump to conclusions if someone criticises Israel/US policy.I have a lot of evidence of which I speak, I think it should be heard.Try SEARCH-.....NAVAL DISASTERS/USS LIBERTY/ISRAEL. There's nothing anti-semitic there, but it aint pretty. However, I did misread the total deaths (34) & 87 wounded.

-- KoFE (......@...), February 16, 1999.

I have read Israel's military is so concerned about y2k and GPS rollover that they are going back to "manual" map reading and setting up a logistic train and network poutside of their daily civilian one. If the IDF is worried, so should all people. They get paid to be prepared when their is nothing to be prepared about.

Regarding the so-called "hate" mail above. Israel is a socialist, incredibly inefficient country that is supported by my tax dollars. Yes they did in fact attack the Liberty, yes Pollard did in fact spy on the US. Yes, we support them when we would not support somebody like Pinochet for instance. Why?? The incredibly powerfull Jewish lobby here in the states. They have a power out of synch with their actual numbers in the US. The fact that they are allowed to have this incredible, bloated state with a military that has massacred arabs is an indication that we might want to rethink our mideast policy. Go ahead and call me anti-semitic. Never mind that I have dated, loved jewish girls, work for a jew. How come anytime a Christian disagrees with either Israel or someone Jewish they are immediatley called anti-semitic?? Why cant Israel not treat ALL Arabs like dogs?? Why are they so above laws and mores of the Western world. Enough. It makes me sick to see us constantly support Isrteal no matter what they do. And I actually respect and admire the IDF and the early Isreali settlers.


-- Richard (, February 16, 1999.

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