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Here's a cold link, where you'll find real audio, as well as details on schedules and programming on AM, FM and shortwave. There are various links, one of which leads to specific N. American info.

Some of the talk programmes are fascinating. Entering the word "electricity" into the search box produced 155 hits, one of which follows:

New Ideas - Week 49

PRODUCER: Roland Pease PRESENTER: Alun Lewis

DATE OF 1ST TRANSMISSION: Sunday 1st December 1996

Intertial Shaver

Alun Lewis tries out a new razor which looks like an electric razor, sounds like an electric razor, and trims like an electric razor, but isn't an electric razor. It's a take-anywhere shave that's driven by a flywheel, and all it takes is a pull on a string to get it going.

CONTACT: Jonathan Elvidge, The Gadget Shop, Token Spice Business Park, Woodmansey, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0TB

Tel: +44 (1482) 219988

-- Old Git (, February 16, 1999


Thank you Old Git, I have been looking for BBC on the Internet for ages.

I have loved their programming! I use to work for a local PBS Station -- We recorded Letter From America down from the satellite.

The info was really appreciated.

-- ALURKER (, February 17, 1999.

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