Ohio EMA weighs in - YIPPE- - errr, I should listen before cheering

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Ohio EMA weighed in today with a very good set of comments and a great set of suggest........ umm, Chuck? Chuck? You probably want to listen first, Chuck. Now go and listen to what they said.....

. . . . . OH DRATZ!!! They have the same stuff everyone else says "72 Hour preparedness plan. We don't expect serious disruptions, etc." ad nauseum. BUT . . . At least they are saying it is OK to be the one that minimizes any problems for yourself by starting now!


-- Chuck, night driver (rienzoo@en.com), February 16, 1999


Small pebbles ripple bigger Chuck.

It's a start.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), February 16, 1999.

We had a similar article in The Columbus Dispatch yesterday. At the end of the piece, the EMA Acting Director says "We're not opposed to any level of family preparation. It's what every family thinks they need." This is a good sign. Instead of ridiculing preparation in excess of 72 hrs., they are leaving it up to individual families to decide what is best for them.

Been getting several Y2K articles in the Dispatch each week recently. Things may be warming up in Columbus soon.

-- Jeff DeVore (jdevore@prodigy.net), February 16, 1999.

Press coverage in Portland, OR generally pretty good. Oregonian today had big article in Food Day section regarding stocking up- pretty balanced. Local TV generally taking broad emergency prep view- certainly better than nothing BUT expect this initial info to die off. Very early from the media standpoint. Bet the next round of concentrated reporting to happen late summer/fall

-- EC (JHnck1776@aol.com), February 16, 1999.

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