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I don't have links, but I read an article some time ago that someone also recently posted indicating that AT&T and Chevron both admitted that they won't be ready on time.

I read lots of scary posts, like the National Guard getting ready for "all hell breaking loose", but the idea that a huge phone company and oil company won't be ready really bothers me. I am especially worried because if true, this is probably representative of their respective industries.

It would be easy for me to envision all sorts of potential scenarios (good and bad), but has anyone been specifically following AT&T and Chevron who can elaborate on their problems?

-- Anonymous99 (, February 14, 1999


Read what Chevron has to say here.

Do the same with AT&T at here

then draw your own conclusions.... your 'take' will be as good as anybody elses

-- Bob Barbour (, February 14, 1999.

Anon, if you weren't aware of this already, I really suggest that you take the time to go through the archived threads carefully. This, and much more has been discussed at length on this forum, that would blow your brains out in one sitting.

-- Chris (, February 14, 1999.

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