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A 400MB tif file , 6,4metres by 2.4 metres has to be splited in 10 vertical tiles. If we send all the tiles at once, after rendering Postershop shows 0,0 % printed and stays there for as long as you wish to wait. the LCD panel on PP5000 also shows 0,0% coming in.It is not possible to abort the printing proces with the abort button. Postershop 4.5 has to be finalized the hard way and the computer running NT4has to be rebooted in order to be able to start Postershop again. If we select only 3 of the 10 tiles , it all works o.k. Onyx4.5 is loaded in disk C with about 800MB free space, and the PS and ONX files are in disk D with about 2GB free space. Where does the print file generate? Is ours a space problem or is there something wrong with Postershop Pro 4.5 ?

-- Anonymous, February 14, 1999


The real problem is because the PP5000 only has a 2 gig drive in it and anything sent to it must fit within 2 gig (minus space for firmware, test prints, and printer settings). You can get around the problem in 2 ways: (1) Turn off "Vertical Copying" in the settings for the print in PosterShop, this will send each tile as a separate print job to the printer, or (2) Upgrade to a 4 gig or 9 gig hard drive direct from Raster Graphics (they will need to transfer the firmware, test prints, and printer settings, so don't try to upgrade the hard drive yourself).

-- Anonymous, February 16, 1999

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