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Hi all, please, does somebody know the meaning of the five pins of the Konica FT-1 accessory terminal connector? Thanks in advance. Marco

-- Anonymous, February 14, 1999


FT-1 Shutter release.

Hello Marco: If you just wish to know how to release, this question was addressed by Bruce Sibson some time ago and you can find it as: If that is not enough, Somewhere, I have a circuit diagram and I could send you a copy (If I can find it) Regards, Herb Sauer

-- Anonymous, March 25, 1999

FT-1 Shutter release

A scannerized circuit diagram would be welcome. Thanks Marco

-- Anonymous, March 25, 1999

FT-1 Circuit diagram

I'll look for it tomorrow, Marco.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 1999

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