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Is the Recovery Service going down in 2000? Something real fishy about the IRS and Recovery Service.... Every Government Agency gets FREE POSSTAGE to mail their letters. Why does the IRS and the Recovery Service Pay for mailing their letters? Obviously they must be private companies!!! Why, I don't know! Does anybody have any answers to this question? Freddie the Freeloader.

-- Freddie the Freeloader (, February 13, 1999


This past week the Ft Worth StarTelegram had an article noting that the Child support system of the State of Texas had "Computer Problems" and the NEW director was asking the State for several Mil to try to fix the 2 year old system that "was a mess".

-- Shrink (, February 13, 1999.

I worked in child support for seven years. Most states' systems were horrific, even before y2k, which is one of the reasons I quit. My state, Illinois, was a nightmare. We actually had to access two separate systems to get a complete picture of the payment history, and then calculate the arrearage *manually* before each court date. That's pretty sad to spend eight hours per week doing what the system was unable to, but they better get used to it now.

Actually, they were in line to receive a new system to replace that mess, but from past experience with the administration I did not have any confidence with the efficacy, and did not want to stick around to suffer through the transition. I'm quite sure it was a nightmare, but nothing to compare to the screaming which will take place by the "petitioners" after y2k.

(Yes, I have sympathy for single moms, but don't bitch at the ones who are trying to help you. Remember, you are the one that had a baby with that bum.)

-- Spoticat (, February 14, 1999.

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