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Wondering if anyone could help me. Several months ago I read an article concerning yellow fever. A whole townspeople was told not to worry, they would be fine officials told the citizens, etc. Well they were not fine and 50% of the towns people were dead. Anyone remember reading this article? I have gone through North's archives and Yourdon's but really can't remember what site I read it on.

Any help would be appreciated. Mary

-- Mary Howe (, February 13, 1999


The city was Memphis, Tennessee, the period was around 1872, I believe. Yellow Fever was being carried up the Mississippi River from an epidemic in Louisiana. The people in charge of public health in Memphis knew that in a few months time it would reach the city, but chose not to inform the populace of the dangers, and instead put a "happy-face" spin on the impending disaster - loss of revenues, you know (sound familiar?). Their inaction resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 people, almost half the population. Those not killed by the disease left soon aftrward, and Memphis was pretty much a ghost town for over a decade afterwards.

-- Why2K? (, February 13, 1999.

Mary, I remember some of the article. I think it took place in a Mississippi River town or city. There was concern that it would spread to towns further up the river but the government said not to worry. Some people moved out of the towns while others stayed because of government assurances. Many died. New Orleans? Ohio? Sorry, that is all that I remember. And do not hold me to any of it! Good hunting..

-- Mike Lang (, February 13, 1999.

Ah, you see, Why2K has a much better memmory.

-- Mike Lang (, February 13, 1999.

Ah, you guys left out the "martyrs of Memphis," the nuns who stayed and helped the sick and dying, and the fact that Bill Gates grandfather was a survivor, and that he then moved west.

I think it was Yourdon, but it wasn't a couple of months ago.....more like a couple of weeks ago.

-- comeon (, February 13, 1999.

Bill Gates' grandfather survived?


-- Max Dixon (Ogden, Utah USA) (, February 13, 1999.

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