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What is the best way of making prints from slides? I have heard of 3 methods: internegatives, direct printing to colour reversal paper, and Ilfordchrome (Cibachrome?). The technical details completely elude me.

What are good reliable labs to go for thiis?

Any answers would be appreciated.

-- Tay Ek Pon (, February 13, 1999


Recently I've been to a photography exhibition and all the prints were done using Ilfordchrome. The company is Litwand (Tel: 2708977).

I've some slides to prints done by Fuji but the color seems to fade very fast. So I think I'll try Ilfordchrome the next time.

-- Wee Keng Hor (, February 13, 1999.

So, any good and reasonable places in Singapore that we can have a well done prints from sildes??

-- raymond lee (, May 19, 1999.

Any receommendation for a good place with reasonable prices for making prints from 120mm slides? Would appreciate if someone can let me know. Many thanks.


-- SK Ong (, August 15, 1999.

Dear Friends,

Give 35mm Colour Lab Pte Ltd a try.

They are located at:

733 Bukit Timah Road #01-06

2nd Avenue Junction

Tel: 467 5535 Fax 467 3500


-- Paul Chuah (, August 16, 1999.

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