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Hello Folks:

I am a businessman. I run a sucssful business. I have worked my a** off building it. In my business I deal with bankers,schools,state agencies, manfactures and the whole gamit of men and women who have started their business with their last dollars and been sucessful in their efforts. The business I am in I can sell to garage or goverment. I have a lot of them in each catagory as customers.

I am preparing for y2k with a vengence with everything I can get my hand on. So are most of them. For instance all of us together has purchased a train car load of toilet tissue, A tractor and trailer load of canned foods, beans, corn, pinto beans, rice, All types of greens, pasta. cheese and honey, batteries, generators, Tanks for water,fuel, gas, kerosene and anything that will be needed for the next ten years.

These people have friends from the govoner to the president, senators. and other people. Some do business all over the world. They Like myself have come to the conclusion that their business will be lost starting in 1999. Some are programmers that tell us the great depression will be upon us for the next ten to twenty years. Food , clothing and shelter will be a luxery in the months to come. Many predict we will be like Russia or Indonesia.

WE are not at all happy about this coming and many are cashing in their retirements and purchasing gold, silver, things that will be needed in a world where making things will in short supply in the next several years.

We have not done all this to surive, we realize that that people will be in need and maybe we will be able to give a meal to a hungery person. After all we are a christian group and realize all that we enjoy have come from God and he will repay in time.We believe this is a time when God will put honest men tried and true to their convictions that we are our brothers keeper will prevail as of old.

We are in an area of about 75000 people and with our outreach to churches and other businesses we think we will be blessed and others will be able to at least have food and shelter. Just in case we have rented an old school building from the board of education for $1.00 per year and filled it with cots and blankets for just in case.

I have written this to show that what we are doing may be what others are doing. I don't think anyone with common sense would go to such lenthts unless hard times was coming. We do not think this is just a little thing, But possibly a new beginning for people to who under the world situation and the reasons for such prepardness.

Many will perish and we are sad about that. Many will derserve what is coming upon them because they do know anything but help from false gods.Maybe the hard times coming will cleanse us in our heart and con sence for a better world.

Maybe God will have mercy upon us and let this thing pass. I don't think we deserve mercy.

Seasons and seasons:

-- J.Jordon Wright (, February 12, 1999


Congratulations! You live in an enlightened community. Here in the Deep South, if'n you wasn't burn hire, you'ns ain't kin and we'un don't do nuttin fer outsiders. I also have built my company up to just under th 800K level. I have three offers to buy and one of them will be taken. We tried to organize our small section of the community about three months ago. Essentially were told to mind our own business since "no problem exists or will occur". This from both civic and pastoral leaders. (If it's any help, Jesse Jackson is from around here). We have a community y2k committee but they are more worried about the school computers than the electric or water system. I guess we will get with a few friends (outsiders too) and retreat to our place and watch the world go by..or down, whichever is the case. Sounds defeatist but there seems to be no other alternatives in this area. At least I am able to act on my own and not wait for government to 'take care of me.'

-- Lobo (, February 12, 1999.

I suppose it is superflous to note that several internet searches turn up no Wright with a middle name Jordan,or middle initial J and a first name starting with J at aol.

-- (, February 13, 1999.

Could this be Ed trolling his own board? Nah, he wouldn't do that. Or would he? We've established the man has no morals.

-- Thomas (, February 13, 1999.

I just figure his parents told him to toddle off to bed. Guy has no idea of how much a freight car holds or the size of a trailer load of anything. Or the cost.

-- (, February 13, 1999.

I don't think it's ED. The writing's too good. How about ahole North. Whatever, it's now open season and the lurkers and trolls should take this opportunity to trash this board.

Have to be persistent though. This board now has the ability to remove individual posts while leaving the thread.

Happy Hunting

-- The Jockey (, February 13, 1999.


You said, "We've established the man has no morals." So I guess that means *you're* the one responsible for this ad hominen attack on Ed Yourdon...

Your position would be helped if you had a lot less attitude, and if you had information showing that government and businesses were meeting their Y2K deadlines (which they aren't).

-- Kevin (, February 13, 1999.

When I worked for an oil company back in the 60's, we would only get a freight car about half full for our warehouse perhaps once a week. And we sold oil to dozens of farmers as well as garages and service stations. Freight car load of TP - HA!

-- (, February 13, 1999.

Thomas not only has no morals himself, he's an idiot newbie with no manners.

There used to be a time on the internet where people used Netiquette and read the old threads on a forum/newsgroup before opening up their foul mouths.

Ed has such integrity that he refuses to have his own forum moderated and tolerates assholes like you.

-- Chris (, February 13, 1999.

Getting a little touchy there Chris. You used to be the nut with a smidgen of common sense. Maybe because you prepared in error for Armaggedon and every day it looks more and more like we're facing: hmmm........nothing!!!

I know how hard it is to admit you've been hoodwinked by your Lord and Master. It happens all the time. Who was that guy DOE who convinced some losers that they had a comet to catch. Jonestown and Koresh come to mind also.

Why, where I live the mayor got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and as he's going away for 5 years some of my idiot neighbors have signs on their lawns saying "We Support our Mayor." Ed is a snake in the grass trying to incite panic for his own ends. Wake up. The reason this board is open is that's the way to get the most traffic to stimulate sales. You and some of the other suckers are Ed's marketing department.

Chris, re-read J. Jordan Wright(read right) and tell me that's not a fake.

Could your anxiety be caused because as the Y2K bull becomes less and likely with each passing day the religious zealots are becoming more and more shrill on this place and others and you don't want to go there.

-- Thomas (, February 13, 1999.

It does look kind of fake. But that doesn't detract from a valid reason to prepare. Y2k hysteria may well be driven by fundamentalist / reconstructionists who are actively attempting to bring down society by creating economic panic. But I have to admit there is reason to worry about those darn computers and I will grudgingly prepare.

-- Spoticat (, February 13, 1999.

Thomas, what in hell are you talking about?

"Less and less likely with each passing day.."

So I suppose that after about 360 passing days from now, it'll be completely unlikely.. since after all, it'll also be completely unlikely that you'll have food, power, water, telecommunications or a life.

You ain't gonna get no food from me, buster ;)

-- Leo (, February 13, 1999.

Someone new and seemingly genuine makes a contribution so the trolls come out of the woodwork and accuse the new guy of being a stealth-troll.!!Curiouser and curiouser.

-- humptydumpty (, February 14, 1999.

And he has sure returned to defend himself - NOT! And this is not his only post - he has showed up other places as well.

Look people - there is so much racketeering and profiteering going on vis a vi Y2K that it will be surprising if some pretty well known names are going to jail in the next few months. A good one was revealed on Dallas TV last week - seems one fellow is selling Y2K stoves with 'environmentally friendly' fuel for about $225 with a case of fuel. Trouble is that you get a case of sterno and a folding sterno stove - about $50 - $60 at your local hardware store. And PONZI schemes and MLM things are popping up - trouble aplenty is brewing in Y2K land and you are going to be hearing about it. Of course the spin will be that the govt. is trying to hush Y2K up for some diabolical reason. Yeah, right, like they have tried to prevent us from preparing for floods and earthquakes.

-- (, February 14, 1999.

Thomas, 2 facts you miss: 1. I'm an atheist, 2. I never read Yourdon's book and read all of 5 or 6 of his posts here.

"You and some of the other suckers are Ed's marketing department."

See you on the other side, we'll see who the sucker is then.

-- Chris (, February 14, 1999.

Chris, you go, girl!

Thomas ( = Jimmy Bagga Trash

-- Jimmy you said you weren't coming back (, February 14, 1999.

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