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Found this today in the Trenton (NJ) Times. It's got everything - a must read. Here's an excerpt:

TRENTON -- Fears about the year 2000 bug are now focusing on the "1999 problem" as well as any computer failures that may occur on Jan. 1.

Public officials yesterday asked Trenton-area nonprofit organizations to help them spread a message of rational readiness for the "Y2K bug," hoping to head off the possibility of people stockpiling food and money later this year and the chaos that could follow.

"We are trying to maintain a sense of urgency without causing panic," said Mark Pfeiffer, deputy director of the state's Division of Local Government Services. "We're running out of time. People need to take it seriously."

A recent Gallup Poll showed that significant numbers of Americans plan to stock up on cash, food and water in case computer problems disrupt essential services like power, water or financial networks.

"The more you hear about it, the crazier it gets," said Trenton Mayor Douglas H. Palmer. "There's no need to panic, but it's good to be prepared."

Officials at all levels of government are being careful about public statements on the level of threat posed by Y2K.

Yesterday's event, co-sponsored by the city of Trenton and the Capital Area Food Policy Council, advised people to take sensible steps that would be helpful in any emergency situation, but to not hoard supplies or act irrationally.

"WE WANT the public to be self-sufficient in the event bad things happen," said Grace Polhemus, president of Technology New Jersey in West Windsor. "We also want to make sure our nonprofits are ready. Many people here in Trenton are heavily dependent on nonprofits."

Polhemus noted that most nonprofit agencies face smaller versions of the Y2K challenge preoccupying the business sector.

Does the State of New Jersey "get it"??

(got jelly bellys?)

-- Jelly Bean (, February 12, 1999


Ooops. Forgot the link:

http:/ /

-- Jelly Bean (, February 12, 1999.

Yes! I'd say NJ gets it :-)

Thanks for the link Jelly Bean. I good one to print.

-- Chris (, February 12, 1999.

For another view of things in NJ, see this, also posted here today. <:)= Iceberg? What iceberg?

-- Sysman (, February 13, 1999.

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