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I'm fascinated by the dark imagery of the 40K Universe, particularly the Horus Heresy (which has not really been explored - what about large scale figures for Sanguinius/Horus/Emperor etc, what about a Campaign Book based on the Heresy with large scale battles (for Epic)and skirmish battles (for 40K) ? - lots more). Anyway, currently trying to put together a Codex Astartes (list of Chapters, with names, heraldry, Founding, brief history, etc, plus Imperial timeline). I have 350 + Chapter titles already mapped out (all useable, no silly stuff), but imagination is drying up. Anyone want to post info about their own Chapter ? Names, Heraldry, Characters, History etc. More info the merrier. Any entries used will receive a copy of the final document if interested. Plus any interest in Heresy ? Why did so many of the original legions fall from grace ? What about names etc for Chapters 2 & 11 (names deleted from Imperial Records) ? All good stuff !

-- Phil Carrington (, February 12, 1999


I created, but haven't used a white scars successor called 'storm strikers'. They use a white - red combination and carry weapons like power axes commonly. Their leader, Pelgrim, is 1/4 eldar and has a small physic power called 'lightning'. They avoid large scale battles and attack small groups with fast assualts. Created in 835M41 and recruit from a world called Tahites near the eldar craftworld antioch. As a result of their proximity to the eldar the best fighters are sometimes given weapons like shruknin pistols.

-- The happy buzza squig (, February 17, 1999.

One of the chapters that has been deleted from imperial records is the Scythes of the Emperor which fought against a tyranid invasion and they think they are all wiped out.I want to fight the fall of Caliban which was the Dark Angels home world. Since I play royal D.A. and my friend plays chaos?

-- Shawn Miller (BANDS4U@AOL.COM), February 28, 1999.

I ahve two of my own chapters, the Crossroads Council, and the Fallen Ravens.

The CC are painted like the nova marines (the cross colloring pattern) but instead of blue and white, they have red, and tan, with tan bolters. Their chapter badge is a C and a another C that stats at the bottom of the first. They are located near Draconia, and were founded roughly 400 years ago. Unfortunately, due to a poorly coordinated virus bombing, most of the chapter was wiped out, along with the Fallen Ravens. They are now up to roughly company strength, with a single squad of terminators, and one destructor predator. the rest are all tactical, and devastator squads, as they tend not to risk assaults anymore to conseve strength. they operate with the fallen ravens, who have black armor. The chapter bage is a white shoulder pad, and a black raven (wings spread like the impirial eagle) The Ravens are now up to a company and a half, most of wich is the reserve devastator company, but they have been re assigned to tactical squads. They have most of their support vehicles up and running, with about a company of each vehicle, and more rinos than they know what to do with. The Fallen ravens were renamed after the disaster, as they used to be knowen as the Emperor's Ravens. For some un known reason, Inquisitor Beragh accused them of being tainted by chaos. This was proven to be completely unfounded by the investigating council, after the disaster. They renamed themseves as an act of pennance, untill they see themselves fit to serve their emperor as his ravens once again.

I am in the process of making an army list and full history of both chaptes, wich I'm going to try and get published in the journal. write me for more details, or the full document.

-- Lt. Col. Williams (, March 07, 1999.

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