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Bruce wrote: I've been busily engaging in measuring the pulse of the people. Here's what my wife had to say:

* Prefers the column of three photos (#1) better than the row of 5 (#2), although she thought they looked better in b&w. * Prefers the colors in #2, though she would like to see them brighter, as they are to "abusive-looking" now... * Likes the "design" of #2 better, fonts, buttons, etc.

Here's what I think (now that I'm awake): * I prefer #1's colors, photos and design. * I really don't like the looks of the woman with the dark glasses.

Now aren't you glad you asked?

Bruce (& Yoko)

-- Anonymous, February 12, 1999


For your convenience, here are links to the comps: comp 1 comp 2

-- Anonymous, February 12, 1999

Here are some comments from CAPC folks; my reply to them follows in the next post.

Hi Jim:

We really like the looks of the homepages. We prefer the colors and layout on # 1. We may want to include a few more services under "services provided," like baby bags. Also, can you change the verbiage of the mission statement from "strives to" to "mission is to." We like all the photographs except the girl in the glasses. I know the program committee will want to talk about many things on March 10. We're looking forward to seeing you on the 25th too.

Thanks, Laurie

-- Anonymous, February 17, 1999

To which I replied:

I'm glad to get your comments. I think Heather (our designer) has already begun working on the next version, which is probably a composite of the two versions of the existing comps. But I will forward your comments to her, so that she can take them into consideration. Heather is an excellent designer, and you can be sure that, no matter what style or color scheme she begins with, she'll end up with something beautiful.

Regarding the photos, that's very helpful. I am hopeful that Photodisk will donate up to 6 or 7 images for the site, which they do for worthy causes. And it helps to know which ones you like and don't like.

Regarding the text/verbiage, I think Heather lifted that directly from your existing site. But it doesn't matter; it's just place-holder text. When it comes time to work out what each element of each page will say, I'll be working closely with your staff so that you're involved in all content decisions. We're not there yet.

- jim

-- Anonymous, February 17, 1999

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