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If anyone is interested, here's my Konica experience. When I was on RnR in Hong Kong in 1970, I bought a brand new Autoreflex T with lens for $90 (no tax and duty free coming back home). I think it was going for $200-300 at that time. It was and still is a great camera. Replaced it with a FS-1 in 1981. That's the one giving me trouble from a previous post. I just picked up an almost mint T3 with a non-working meter. it was so cheap,I'm going to try to fix it myself so if anyone has a suggestion about a dead meter, I'd welcome it. I'm going to try the hearing aid batteries just in case the previous owner didn't know about them.

Second comment is that I bought 2 used FS-1's and both are in great condition. Cosmetically one is slightly better than the other. The nicer one has one quirk though. When you open up the case all the way, the motor drive kicks in until you push in the rewind button. There must be something related to the button because sometimes, it doesn't do this. Again, if anyone has an idea, please let me know.

Last, my best pictures have come with my Konicas. It's too bad Konica stopped making professional grade 35mm and doesn't support anything earlier than the FT-1. Also, here's a plug for Greg Weber who sold me a wonderful 40mm 1.8 'pancake' lens and gave me good advice about my broken FS-1.

Best wished to all Konica users.


-- Anonymous, February 12, 1999

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