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Benefits of Y2K (Humor)

A Y2k Humor Song (Feel free to respond with your own brand of humor about this thing--especially if you feel like the alternative is to weep in your closet--provided there's room in there. Read on)

(Sung mostly to the tune of I am Woman with apologies to Helen Reddy)

I am woman, watch me dump Hear those junk piles go ka-thlump As they hit the garbage cans in much profusion.

What matters to me now Is where to find the nearest cow That I can jerky with my neighbors in collusion

Yes, I am strong! But its wisdom born of pain Yes Ive paid the price Hubby thinks I am insane

If I have to, I can do anything I can dump. . . Unnecessary junk. . . I am woman!

I will buy long underwear And firewood to spare While I hunt down water barrels like a fiend, Toilet paper is my friend Will this nonsense ever end? Maybe not, but my spring cleaning will be done!

Yes, I am strong! But its wisdom born of panes Black-out shades a plenty? Now I really feel insane!

I am woman watch me grow, Y2K will make it so, Cause this mess will teach us all just who we are.

As for me the trip was short. I live in a junk fort. Now, the watchwords of the day are Sort, Sort Sort!

Yes we are strong! And its wisdom born of pain. This will teach us what we need So theres gotta be some gain.. . .

(Just one example: either toss out the Chia Pet or learn to use it to sprout!)

Apologies in advance if you think this is the stupidest post you ever read. Just my two cents worth on a weird morning. Please dont flame. Ive already reached acceptance, and I dont want to go back to that depression thing. Thanks!

-- FM (, February 12, 1999


Thanks for the laugh! I'm just headed for bed after a night shift, and it takes alot to get me to do more than grin right now :-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 12, 1999.

Your song may not be Y2K compliant.........

But at least it's Y2K Reddy.

-- Craig (, February 12, 1999.

You're a hoot, Craig! LOL!

-- fm (, February 12, 1999.

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