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As a former corporate meeting planner, I can't help pondering all of the scenarios that might occur for DGI travellers, who find themselves in faraway places when TSHTF.

Luckily, most corporations don't book meetings over the holidays, including the New Year. But that still leaves an enormous number of tourists who PLAN their travel during that exact time frame.

Anyone connected with the hotel, CVB's, airlines or other parts of the travel industry that have even heard a HINT of contingency planning?

Any hotel company that has breathed a word ref: planning for unexpected-longer-than-usual-stays when y2k hits?

-- Sara Nealy (, February 12, 1999


The hospitality industry will likely take a hit at least in the first few weeks of 2000. I find that even most DGI's are GI enough to not want to be travelling then. The main exception will be those that have planned for years to take a cruise and neither hell, nor hot water, nor Y2K will stop them.

-- Craig (, February 12, 1999.

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