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Can anybody explain how to reset the shutter pull (?) cable on an AE-1 to me? I took off the top, and heard the spring go zuuuuup. The cable unwound and let all the tention off the spring. I'm talking about the thin "cable" that runs across the back of the camera, over about five little pullies. Help! Chuck Kichline

-- Chuck Kichline (, February 11, 1999


Chuck, Did you ever get your cable re-wound? If you are talking about the 'Tungsten Wire Cable' I can email you with the Canon AE1 repair guide instructions. I would type them in now, but there are 5 steps, and if you already have it fixed, there isn't much point it typing it all in.

-- Kirby Chilton (, June 26, 1999.

The cable is thin and brakes. be carefull.It is only one way to fix it.Study it and you will find funktion and solution. I am surre. If not I will give you instructions.

-- nico zafiropoulos (, September 28, 2001.

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