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Today on this forum there was a discussion on the extreme weather we have been having arount the country I dont know the reason but it is extreme. Iposted this link but no response maybe everyone was too busy arguing maybe yall have seen it before, what do ya think

-- moose (, February 11, 1999


I think that we "Y2K Get Ready Doomsdayers" will be blamed for the extreme weather pattern. Soon we'll we blamed for shortages of toilet papers, matches, candles, rice, beans, etc. They can blame me all they want, it doesn't change a darn thing! Now for the weather report......

-- bardou (, February 11, 1999.

actually bardou, I could see them blaming us for earthquakes - 'cause we all ran to different areas on the tectonic plate and it upset the balance, or something...*sigh*


-- Arlin H. Adams (, February 12, 1999.


Have you ever seen the 1985 movie from New Zealand called "The Quiet Earth"? I think it hints at what you're suggesting.,+The+(1985)

-- Kevin (, February 12, 1999.


To try to blame Haarp on the wetter pattern is plain B.S. The overall output of Haarp is smaler then a minor solarstorm by many magnetudes. Minor solarstorms happen multiple times a week during the active cycles of the sun. The earth is getting warmer now for about 8000 years and quite frankly I even think the green house effect is way overblown. There are many sites of the coast of Africa and Europe where the constant rise of the oceans over the last 4-5000 years can be seen quite simply by studying the artifacts that are now under about 10-20 feet of water. The most known one is the lower part of Alexandria that disapeared during reasond history (~2000 years). The wetter of this planet is a direct result of the temperature of water of the oceans and the size of the arctic and antartic ice sheet. The ice sheet has shrunk and the water got warmer. Look at some thermal wetter sites and you will find the relationship explained and will see that a temperatur rise of 1/2C will cause more storms. Should this be reversed at some point in time the following will happen: The Ice sheet will get larger, the water level will get lower, the mainland temperature will go down, the northern part of the US will have a wetter patern like Alaska and Europe will be frozen over because the current of warm water from the Gulf of Mexico will not extent all the way north to Norway. What does it take to do that you ask? Well conservative estimates say a reduction of 1 to 2 decrees centigrade in our oceans will do all of this and more. This can be trigered by many a way. The impact of a even small to middsize asteroid, multiple strong vulcanic eruptions, or nuclear war. All it takes is enugh dirt in the atmosphare to block part or all of the sunlight for a while. The fact is, we did NOT had an large enugh asteroid hit in the last 10000 years nor did we had a massive eruption of a chain of vulcans or nuclear war. This planet has gone in cycles between ice ages and hot spells. I strongly believe we are overdue for the next hit of some kind. To this planet we are nothing but fleas. It has its own cycle and will be still have it long after man is gone. The Dinosaures ruled earth for milions of years and they are gone. The reign of man is but a small sliver in time for this planet and the univers. Aside from nuclear wapons man has no SINGLE type of equipment to influence this planets wetter. But as it is with fleas one is bearable many are an anoyance and will be exterminated. I wonder when man will have reached this point and has oversayed his welcome on this planet.


-- rickjohn (, February 12, 1999.

Seventh-day Adventists believe that when the "time of trouble" comes that they will be blamed for everthing because they keep the true Saturday Sabbath. My point is, everyone thinks they'll be blamed for the inevitable. I don't see the rationale to all this finger pointing, it all seems so bizarre to me. As if we have the power to move mountains and command the sun to set at our whim! Arlin, your response was funny, we got a laugh out of that one!

-- bardfou (, February 12, 1999.

Nope! You all could be wrong. The Republicans are gonna get the blame! (Big fight shaping up in Congress now. Can you see the headlines? "Clinton vows scorched earth campaign against GOP. GOP blames Clinton for nation's unpreparedness for Y2K!" Ack! Ack!

'Hoping I'm wrong. 'Not too good at reading tea leaves.

-- FM (, February 12, 1999.

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