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How would you describe Aeon & Trevor's complex and often baffling relationship?

-- Keith G. Redhead (, February 11, 1999



-- Loquat (, February 12, 1999.

Nemesis - fulfilment or destruction.

-- Philip Mills (, February 12, 1999.


-- Spofforth (, February 13, 1999.

loving and hateing too much

-- angel briggand (, March 25, 1999.

I believe the Herodotus File calls it "love and hatred so perverse it could only have sprung from the otherworld of Aeon Flux". Something like that.

-- Frostbite (, March 26, 1999.

thank you for clarifying that for me

-- angel briggand (, March 29, 1999.

i thik that trevor is an addiction to aeon its not love nor hate but aeons owne fears that bring her to trevor, by nature aeon is bisexual preferring to her are power she is addected to the thought of a men lusting her or even sleeping with her. aeon is in love with one person herself she is her owne god.

-- diva (, October 03, 1999.

Someone responded that Fon is bisexual, preferring women, and that her relationships with men are more about power.

I'm afraid I have to take issue with this. The time that we see Fon get really emotionally attached to someone is in Reraizure, with Rorty - a man, not a woman. Apart from that, I'd say her feelings seem pretty equal for both genders.

That said, I think most of her relationships are about power, whether with men or women. Her relationship with Trevor is the ultimate cat- and-mouse power struggle, and I think the sexual element is mostly just a by-product.

-- Stephen Fuller (, January 22, 2000.

Has anyone else noticed in the episode "A last time for everything", that Aeon's attempts to control Trevor, "just do it" are rejected, she tries to assume control I think, to prove he is stronger than her and won't allow it. When she goes before the mirror with a disapointed look in her eyes, she obviously has a change of demeaner it is crystalized when she picks up the hairbrush. I think this is a reference to a desire to a father's discipline, and the real crux of the attraction to Trevor is revealed here. After this she comes to him with her 'mane down,' and he at first fights her, but then finds her alluring, due to the change of guard. He's in control.

-- Barbara E. (, February 24, 2000.

A Paradox- "A Statement that seems contrary to common sense and yet is perhaps true." Ah, yes. I do love that word and I think it sums up Aeon and Trevor's relationship quite nicely if I may say so myself. By the way, I LOVE the show, I remember watching it when I was younger and now that I'm 18, I'm DYING to find the series on DVD and all that. Also, the movie's coming- due out in 2005.

-- ils (, September 09, 2004.

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