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As I was reading Old Git's post below, I got to thinking how very important it is for those of us who are married that we have spouses who are foursquare behind us in our preparations. I have seen a few posts from those whose spouses either didn't get it or didn't want to get it. How difficult that must be. My wife trusts me implicitly in this, and for that I am grateful.

-- Vic (, February 11, 1999


I too have a supporting spouse. In fact he has become quite active and has built me an "outback" cooker and a solar cooker. He has also bought 100 lb LP tanks and filled them, a solar battery charger for our trucks, tractor and RV. He has set up a 500 gal tank of gas and the same for diesel. So I am really among the fortunate and I take pride in how we have prepared. Our main consideration has been not to do anything or buy anything we didn't need or couldn't use if y2k is but a bump. Both our well and our house is wired for our generators too. But we also live in hurricane/tornado area.

-- Taz Richardson (, February 11, 1999.

Even the DWGIs will listen in some cases. My wife will NOT say that Y2K is a big problem, but she has helped me (mostly by not fighting me) with some basic preps. She has increased the supply of consumables in the house, in response to my Y2K ramblings. Even bought me a real-nice Katadyn water-filter.

In the past, I acted like Paul Milne in the house, and she fought me every inch. Now that I don't speak of Y2K (much) and just act, she is helping (or at least not complaining much). She's not convinced yet, but is a big believer in "playing it safe".

-- Anonymous99 (, February 11, 1999.

I am fortunate enough to have married a guy who trusts me. He knows me well enough to know that I do not react to just anything. When I started researching Y2K in August of 1998, he knew something was up but waited until I was ready to spill it. After a 4-hour conversation at midnight one Saturday, he got it more than I did. Thank god.

And I do every day.


-- middle-aged GI (, February 11, 1999.

OTOH, DGI spouses who try to control the purse strings are a liability, not an asset. If only they could see themselves as such, well before the unfolding events wind up reversing their positions for them.

I am fortunate. I worked and worked and worked on my husband, and he has come around to some extent, but for every 2 steps forward, he takes one step back, because he refuses to keep himself updated and aware of the events going on around us. I am unfortunate in that he doesn't trust me implicitly, although I have never given him a reason not to. Say-la-vee. At least we will not starve or freeze to death anytime soon.

-- Sarah (, February 11, 1999.


Better never plan on entering Canada.......our feds would dump your butt in prison for butchering a French phrase so badly......they're a bit touchy about it.

I think you meant to say "C'est la vie"!!

-- Craig (, February 11, 1999.

When I married my guy 1.5 yrs ago (we're middled-aged) he was a big believer in having more than was necessary of everything. Moi, I was a JIT shopper, you know, "I want it *fresh*. Well I got it first, told him, and I must say, he LOVES Y2K. It's a guy's dream: wood stove, cords of wood, lotsa food, gasoline, tools. You name it. Bigger garden, big rotortiller... After all, all guys know Bigger is Better :)

-- happily married (, February 11, 1999.

Sometimes my wife, Ilsa Lund, is a 100% GI. Other times she gives me that "You've lost your mind, haven't you?" stare as I drag the latest prep. item into the garage.

This whole thing has been a strain--and I'm afraid it's gonna get worse.

-- rick blaine (, February 11, 1999.

Happily: good for you! Nice circumstances......happiest Y2K-related news I've ever read.

-- Lisa (divorced@thewrong.time;_doin'_it_by_myself), February 11, 1999.

Y2K prep is tough enough without having to drag the unwilling along too... at least there is a finite end, sort of... in a dead relationship where there seems no end, getting out can be the first step to personal survival. Been there, done that, 'nuff said.

Walking the walk and talking the talk is easier with two, no doubt in my mind. Look after yourself so you can look after your significant others, hmmm Valentine's Day coming up... hmmm.

-- Bob Barbour (, February 11, 1999.

Real problem here . Thought my third wife was country girl from Switzerland; Only as a child; thought she was "good to go" when we dated; Can't stand to talk about anything "negitive"; Thought she had a "mind of her own"; Only if she's the beneficiary of "good things"; Otherwise , always runs with the crowd, dispite the fact that I tell her that it is a historical fact that the "majority" are wrong, MOST OT THE TIME !!!! Oh, well !! Better "daze" are coming !!! Eagle

-- Harold Walker (, February 11, 1999.

For those with a spouse .. whether or not they "get it" .. count yourselves lucky. There are some of us who are pulling this Y2K wagon alone .. and it sure gets wearisome at times ..

Oh well .. back to work ...


-- Dan (, February 11, 1999.

From wife to husband: "If we HAVE to go through this damn Y2K thing, there's nobody I'd rather go through it with than you."

-- Sentimental Old Git (only temporarily) (, February 12, 1999.

Dear Old Git, I hope you won't mind if I steal your phrasing and subvert it for my valentine's card to my husband. "If Y2K has to be bad, I'd rather be bad with you."


-- meeko (, February 12, 1999.

Primo, Meeko! Pinching from Oscar Wilde:

Me: I wish I'd thought of that.

Spouse: Don't worry, dear, you will.

-- Old Git (, February 12, 1999.

My spouse still doesn't get it. Won't until the stock market reacts. It's tough. The good part is, heat and water I can do without him. Alot of other stuff, too. Another good thing is he's your basic "all-or-nothing" thinker. When he GI's we'll be buying out Sam's. Patience is something I have plenty of.

-- margie mason (, February 13, 1999.

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