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I apologize for the delay in responding to the questions posted earlier, regarding radiation found in some mantles on the market. I am proud to say that the Petromax mantles, as informed by the manufacturer, "are free of thorium and asbestos".

Also.....our mantles can be used in your Aladdin lanterns. I am afraid, however, that at the moment, I do not have the smaller mantles for use in Coleman lanterns, but I can obtain these, for those who request them (special orders).

Thank you all, again.......and KEEP SMILING!!

Diana....BriteLyt diana@petromax.com www.petromax.com

-- Diana Clifton, President (diana@petromax.com), February 10, 1999


Diana, Are you saying that the Petromax mantles have no radioactive material in them, thorium or otherwise. Do the Petromax mantles have any dangerous materials at all? (Thanks for posting this new thread with your response since I asumed the old one was being ignored by now.)

-- Puddintame (dit@dot.com), February 11, 1999.

Not to worry too much about thorium-doped lantern mantles. The radioactivity is about that of a watch with a radium dial. Because of the thorium always present in clay, any brick house delivers more radiation than a lantern mantle. Just be sure to do the initial burn outside.

-- Tom Carey (tomcarey@mindspring.com), February 11, 1999.

I worked for the Department Of Energy for 17 years. We were given books (library furnished on work site)concerning radioactive materials. These books gave employees all the information concerning radioactive materials, including Mantles. When a new mantle is first ignited, you ran the risk of inhaling the smoke....the smoke gave off the radioactive "thorium" (as per their statistics).

The German mantles do not contain "thorium" (or anything that can be hazadous), because their government standards are much stricter than ours. U. S. Customs did a study of our mantles, for their approval, and we are proud to say that they have met and exceeded their standards. They are made by "Luxor".

Hope this info helps, and thanks.

Eddie....BriteLyt tech@petromax.com www.petromax.com

-- Eddie Draper (eddie@petromax.com), February 11, 1999.


So do we do the initial burn outside or not? I need things spelled out :)

Looking forward to talking to you when the goods arrive. You can count on it :) See above re: ....spelled out.


-- Mercy (prepare@now.com), February 13, 1999.

Hi, Everybody!!

Good to hear from you again!! Keep those questions coming.....it keeps us on our toes. (Smiling)

The longevity of a mantle, basically depends on the mantle itself. We have had some last for months, and some that won't. Right now, I have a mantle that has lasted over a year and a half in a lantern that we have used for shows, at home, fishing, etc. The thing keeps going & going..... The University of South Florida (this letter is always included in mail-outs & shipments) took one on a white-water rafting trip (3-days) and really put that lantern to the test. No once did they break the only mantle they took with them.

We always advise to do the "initial burn" outside for safety reasons. Due to the "whoosh" sound, and the sudden brightness of the pre-heater, it has a tendency to scare folks a little bit. However....after you get familiar with the initial burn, you'll feel more comfortable and it'll be "habit-forming", as many clients have told me. I need to put a warning label about the effects of chasing that "little brown truck", though. These "toys" are being shipped out now, and we're processing more orders daily. So.....for all those who have ordered, please be patient. I will be e-mailing tracking numbers later today (Sunday.....2/14/99).


Keep Smiling!!

Diana....BriteLyt www.petromax.com

-- Diana Clifton (diana@petromax.com), February 14, 1999.

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