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This is an interesting site. I would have loved to see the face of the DGI when the down payment on her house was lost. As this story suggests, there will be many problems in the rush to replace non-compliant systems. These anecdotes will become a dime a dozen. Hopefully they will wake up some of the population.

-- Mike Lang (, February 10, 1999


Hi Mike, I think the collateral damage is going to be far and wide. We're in the "middle" af a large Y2K convert. About 300 COBOL and ASSEMBLY programs on mainframe, also only about 25 PC/LAN based programs, but large and complex. Doing ALL from scratch, using Web-based tech. This system used dates so often, for all kinds of computations, we figured it would be easier to sit down, look at the data and resulting products, and just re-do it. We started this late 1996. A few interesting results. We figure it will take another 2 years to give the customer EVERYTHING they have in the existing system. We will be ready for their production, summer 2000, but their products; books, CD-ROMs, and Web site will be missing some very interesting information that was in the 1999 info. Also, since this is the majority of work for our mainframe, We'll also be moving systems that don't have a Y2K problem to the "new technology", so we can dump the old hardware. <:)=

PS - where's that guy that was looking for ONLY ONE example of a failure?

-- Sysman (, February 10, 1999.

Note that the image at top of the u/y2k/sighting.htm page is that Salvador Dali painting of melting watches. Radio astronomers have a sense of humor, and also a sense of Y2k responsibility.

-- No Spam Please (, February 10, 1999.

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