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-- Tman (, February 10, 1999


and if that wont get it Ever had one of those days!

-- Tman (, February 10, 1999.

Now that's more like it! I'm almost surprised not to see the, it's the hoarding fearmongers that are going to cause problems, disclaimer.

-- d (d@usedtobedgi.old), February 10, 1999.

Thanks, Tman, good report. The article says about half the companies contacted for a survey by the SEC have not properly reported their status on Y2K, and that more than half have not made contingency plans. So much for all those rosy glows we keep hearing about.

And, you're right, d, us fruitcakes don't get the blame this time: "SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt has warned that if investors dont have sufficient information regarding a companys readiness, confidence could be seriously undermined and 'panic and overreaction' could ripple through the economy."

-- Old Git (, February 11, 1999.

This AP report was also "aired" by the Wall Street Journal and Business Today, along with (I suspect) a lot of local papers. May help some of the Beemer crowd Get It.

While we're dealing with, some of y'all might want to drop in on Ed Yourdon's "chat" tomorrow. I've traded e-mail with Ed a few times and plan to lurk over there (since apparently I can't post on that board and remain anonymous), but some of you somewhat braver souls may want to chat with him. Maybe it'll make up for that useless "pat-a-cake" session with Mitch "ZDNET" Ratcliffe a few weeks ago...

-- Mac (, February 11, 1999.

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