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Here is another one. First Canada, now the UK. What about the US?

-- Gayla Dunbar (, February 10, 1999


Nothing official yet, but I have a friend who lives in Pasadena, and rumor is the city government is thinking about changing the Rose Bowl to sometime in the last week of December 99 (26th?) since they are concerned about power, travel, and television coverage, and there is a lot of money to be made from this event.

-- z (z@z.z), February 10, 1999.

Gayla, I've posted about schools changing their calendar schedules here in the US because of Y2K, a couple of weeks ago. I saw that on CNN headline news. I forget which school in which state that was interviewed, but they also mentioned that Philadelphia school district and a few others had already made the decision.

-- Chris (, February 10, 1999.


Seems to me that a Rose Bowl shift would trigger a few hundred thousand DGI-to-GI conversions. That's exactly the sort of thing we need ASAP - high-visibility mainstream conservative (in a nonpolitical sense) organizations publicly acknowledging the reality.

Red Cross, (Rose Bowl?), _______, ________ (fill in the blanks).

-- No Spam Please (, February 11, 1999.

No Spam,

I agree completely. Of course, I'm sure they will try to postpone announcement of these types of plans until the latest possible time. At some point, hopefully soon, there will be some type of event where people need to plan way ahead for airline reservations, etc. that they will simply have to announce well in advance.

-- (z@z.z), February 12, 1999.

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