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Sue Mickelson Utne #2 Take That, Advice Nazis

I really enjoyed this article. I laughed out load. There is so much truth to what this article was saying in regards to peoples reasons for striving to look the way they look. Whether it be in fitness, in behavior or in fashion most peoples motives are not what they appear. If the motives were purely from within it would be easy to maintain a healthy weight or to purchase clothing that perhaps you only liked, but society is not always as simple as that. I liked the authors take on what would be healthy for a sound mind and body, complaining, not calming down, make noise, eat and go to Las Vegas. These things all sound great to me. I believe that in my own life I am motivated by both myself and society. I think that only satisfying myself sets me up for more frustration. If we lived in a perfect society and we were all of sound mind and body the author would not have had anything to write about . I took this article for what it was worth and believe that the enjoyment I got out of it was well worth the read.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 1999


Hello Sue: I do not know if I introduced myself to you yet. I am the new facilitator, John Hansen. I am an instructor in the Communication Department at UMD. Your comments are on the money. Just one thought though, what else can we do to ease all the pressures we put on ourselves and our students? Do you think the author shows us a workable way? Please e-mail yoour thoughts to me. John Hansen

-- Anonymous, March 01, 1999

Good thinking Sue! Those things sounded good to me too!

-- Anonymous, March 11, 1999

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