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I just got my copy of Millennium Factor, the turth about Y2K in the mail yesterday. Wow. to be honest, I am rather new to all this and just found a few sites on the web. Didn't really know what to believe but when you listen to actual testimony before the senate and you hear people like Duncan McDonald speak about this issue, then it's hard to sit on the sidelines.

Duncan McDonald is pretty well known in banking circles, having been with Citicorp for years. In the video he starts us off by saying, "there are a whole lot of smart people who say we should be worried and not a lot of smart people who are saying it's no big deal. That worries me"...he goes on to discuss the possiblity that this is a cover up.

Now, this is a big time lawyer who is not prone to making such statements. And then you see the actual sentate testimony later on, and hear a Senator tell the head of the FAA that she's just not making a good case. Hard stuff to doubt.

I haven't seen anything on TV that begins to compare with this program and I would not have known about it if I hadn't been reading this forum. CBS or CNN need to buy this program and air it just like it is...

-- Norton Barnes (, February 10, 1999


Norton, where did you get the tape and how much did it cost?

-- Bill (, February 10, 1999.

"there are a whole lot of smart people who say we should be worried and not a lot of smart people who are saying it's no big deal. That worries me"...

[Define smart peope:]

"Now, this is a big time lawyer, & known in banking circles who is not prone to making such statements [Dncan McDonald]":

"CBS or CNN..."

[If thats your idea of smart people then we are all safe. My idea of a y2k smart person would be the guys down in the trenches doing the computer work. Incidentally, the "smart people" I talk to all say that we don't have that much to fear. And I talk to them everyday because I'm right there in the trenches everyday. I work for a large railway car operator in Georgia. I guess thats big time lawyers- 0 ,computer IT specialists- 1 ]

-- (, February 10, 1999.

Yea right! You railway smart people demonstrated your IT genious with the Union Pacific merger. I seem to recall you couldn't find your ass.

-- for real (, February 10, 1999.

so for real...

where do you work? The corner of broadway st. and harlem ave. selling watches with fake guts? What kind of inside information do you have about the trains in general that you carefuly investigated from one merger within one company in one instance??

Talk about not being able to find your ass! Seems to me that you couldn't find some ass if one were giving a home to your head.

-- (, February 10, 1999.

Here's a video of a speech by Senator Bob Bennett of Utah. Bennett gave this speech to the National Press, and it was carried by C-SPAN:

-- Kevin (, February 10, 1999.

Yes, I sell watches on the corner of Broadway and Harlem.

However, my cheap watches were designed to keep working at century changeover without spending a single dime to make them y2k compliant. Why don't you disclose the company you work for so we can read its SEC filings. I would loke to find out how much your company's smart IT people in the trenches are having to spend so that their smart systems will know what the date is.

-- for real (, February 10, 1999.




-- (z@z.z), February 10, 1999.

John32, I work with a whole bunch of national security types, many of whom are IS gurus. They all tell me that yes, we do have plenty to fear, although probably not of the "catastrophic failure" variety (at least in the States. The economic contractions and infrastructure difficulties from multiple systemic failures are the problem. Then again, they tell me, the embedded chips are true wild cards. I'd think about that before using your comments by one IS guy at a railway company to extrapolate general conclusions about this issue (reductionism indeed).

-- Don't Wannasay (, February 10, 1999.

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