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Those, that are up at this hour, and listed to Art on the radio, know he has had many Y2K guests and topics. I found it interesting that 2% of deposits is available in cash. Hello, GTE credit union? <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 10, 1999


Yes, this issue kept coming up, and Bell kept indicating that withdrawing money would collapse the bank system and be irresponsible. Someone mentioned that there have been weekly blurbs in Parade (the nationwide? Sunday newspaper supplement) by Bennett, and that his latest one said to withdraw (what the caller thought was too much) cash. On a side note, I'm wondering whether these weekly blurbs are the Bennett articles that are now a weekly feature on Y2KToday - Forgot to check my recycling bin this morning. (We grumbled at the time that they weren't getting enough exposure.)

-- Brooks (, February 10, 1999.

I heard the first hour of Art also, and he said that it would be irresponsible for people to take their money out of the banks and that the banks need to reassure people that their money is safe in the bank! Oh really Art? I bet he's got a bunch of $$$ stashed, and a mess load of Golden Eagle coins. We know he's one of those hoarders, he and Ramona have a years supply of food. After his "going off the air for good" stint, I don't put too much credibility in what he has to say anymore, and dittos to Rush Limbaugh too. I think these two characters are afraid that they'll be blamed for public panic if they really said what they believe.

-- bardou (, February 10, 1999.

Just wanted to agree with a previous message: Rush and even Art Bell CAN'T realistically say to much about Y2K. Think about what the fallout would be if Rush came out as a GI.

More importantly, as Ed Y himself has said (or maybe it was Yardeni or Hyatt) : It doesn't matter what the gurus or Rush or Art say, the systems that aren't fixed will malfunction and then the domino effect begins. And then .........?

Although I too have an interest in what these people say - it should be interest only, not the "star" worship our fellow citizens seem to practice at every turn.

-- Bob Rohland (, February 10, 1999.


I don't think you are picking up on the subtleties of Art Bell's style, and you missed the point completely. Art is not trying to tell people they shouldn't take money out. In an indirect way, he is actually WARNING them (his listeners) that they should be smart enough to see what is coming, and get money before everyone else runs the banks.

He has a particular method of sending his messages, for very good reason. Having been blamed for many other unfortunate events in the past, he is now wise enough to only quote what other media has already stated, thereby freeing himself of responsibility for any negative events, which I think is a very wise way to handle these things.

It is a total front that only his regular listeners are aware of. He may say that he agrees with the government, warning that people should try to hasten their panic, because this way he won't be blamed. But in the same conversation he repeated SEVERAL times that the ZDNET survey, and many others, indicate that 50% of people are going to take at least 50% of their money out.

Read BETWEEN the lines!

-- (z@z.z), February 10, 1999.

--zz@zz: I have been listening to Art Bell for over 10 years, and what you said wasn't the message I got from that broadcast. I have noticed that whoever he has on his program, he seems to have a tendency to "agree," with that person. My sister tapes his programs every single night so she can listen to Art on her way to work, and she has said the same thing as me. If you hear one thing and I hear another, then Art really is trying to confuse people.

-- bardou (, February 11, 1999.


I really enjoy your cut-to-the-chase honesty. If only more folks would lay out their opinions in as forthright a manner as you...

I agree with z@zz on this one. Art appears to be sold lock, stock & barrel on the possibilities Y2K holds for all of us. He has repeatedly stated that those in his audience who choose not to make some preparations are crazy. I'm not talking about his lead-ins to commercials for the Baygen to be warnings, either.

Art is fully aware of the potential power he wields via his radio shows & is loath to use it. For him to come out & make a pronouncement that he knows something we don't - such as Y2K will be TEOTWAWKI - would be downright irresponsible.

-- Bingo1 (, February 11, 1999.

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