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Should I purchase a circular or a linear polarized filter for my FD Lenses?

-- Jim Muder (, February 10, 1999



Buying the correct pol. filter depends on the camera's metering system, not the lens. If you have an older camera you may be able to get by with a linear filter. If you are using the F-1N or the T-90, and perhaps others, you will need a circular filter in order for your meter to word properly.

Good luck and happy shooting!


-- Paul Kelm (, February 10, 1999.

Correct PL filter depends on type of meter, not age of camera, per se. Linear PL may fool any meter using a beam splitter--this includes both F1 and FTb. A, AE1, etc. work fine w/linear. I,m not sure about T Series as I've never used one (also because the Canon filter liturature from which I just copped this answer predates the T series cameras).

-- Bob Sharbaugh (, February 21, 1999.

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