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I have read at length about people working on their images in Photoshop. Big Wow, but how do you get them output. I have been trying to shoot images from photoshop to slides (20meg RGB files), but the quality suffers in the process.



-- Bob Peak (, February 09, 1999


Bob, What is your final intended use of these files? If you want to print them, go to and click on the Luminage Direct Digital Link, then the File Prep link. I can't give you the direct URL because they're using frames on their web site. The File Prep page has suggested sizes for different printing sizes. As you'll see, a 20MB file is large enough for 8x10 but nothing else.

If you're having your files printed on a film recorder to slides, that's the problem. The common film recorders are useful for slide presentations and putting together business cards. Anyting larger and the scan lines will show up in the final print. If you want high-quality slides you'll need to go to a lab such as Calypso ( Click on their Digital Film Output link to see their prices.

If you give me more information on what you want to do with these images I might be able to give you some more help.

-- Darron Spohn (, February 26, 1999.

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