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I need some help on FAA's status. Does any one have their website on status or any other info. Would be greatly appreciated. Matt

Also I just picked this up from North's website


U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Office of the Spokesman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Y2K Worldwide Notice - Public Announcement

January 29, 1999

On January 1, 2000, some computer-based systems throughout the world may be unable to process information correctly, causing unpredictable results, including system malfunctions. Many businesses and governments are actively engaged in addressing potential Y2K problems and may experience little or no noticeable disruption in essential services. However, others with more limited resources or expertise, or who are not paying appropriate attention to the problem, may experience significant difficulties. In countries that are not prepared, the Y2K problem could affect financial services, utilities, telecommunications, transportation and other vital services. It is difficult to forecast where the Y2K problem will surface, and some problems could even appear before January 1, 2000. Areas of particular concern are:

oSome transportation systems abroad could be affected by computer problems. Although the major airlines have been in the forefront of preparing for potential Y2K problems, U.S. citizens should be aware of the potential for disruption of transportation services and factor that into their overall travel plans.

oFinancial institutions outside the United States may experience difficulties. U.S. citizens abroad should not assume that credit cards, ATM machines, international banking transactions, etc. will operate normally in all locations throughout the world.

oU.S. citizens abroad with special medical requirements should not assume that all medical facilities and services will be available. Electrical, water and sanitation systems involving computers may experience malfunctions from the Y2K problem.

oU.S. citizens abroad may wish to consult their insurance companies to ascertain if policies cover Y2K-related problems.

All U.S. citizens planning to be abroad in late 1999 or early 2000 should be aware of the potential for problems and stay informed about Y2K preparedness in the location where they will be traveling. The Department of State will provide more specific information periodically as it becomes available. By October 1, 1999 our Consular Information Sheets on individual countries will contain specific information, as available, on the Y2K preparations in each country.

These can be accessed through the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs home page via the Internet at Monitor our home page for additional information about Y2K issues and links to Y2K web sites for foreign governments, U.S. Government agencies and international organizations.

This Public Announcement expires March 1, 2000. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Department of State travel information and publications are available at Internet address: U.S. travelers may hear recorded information by calling the Department of State in Washington, D.C. at 202-647-5225 from their touchtone telephone, or receive information by automated telefax by dialing 202-647-3000 from their fax machine.

-- Matt (, February 09, 1999


I found their website, what a joke, they have missed every deadline & now don't list any projected dates except that damn chart (right, no problem). Matt Check out theis statement - from there web site:

Lastly, the FAA would reduce air traffic capacity before compromising the safety of the National Airspace System.


Safety is the single most important concern of the FAA. The overall goal of the FAA Year 2000 Program Office is to ensure that the National Airspace System (NAS) operates safely through the Year 2000 and beyond. Several steps have been taken toward achieving that goal:

1.A schedule has been established that requires all FAA systems (including the NAS) to be Year 2000 compliant by June 30th, 1999.

2.To augment existing operational contingency plans for the NAS, Year 2000 contingency plans are being developed for each FAA system. These contingency plans detail alternate courses of action in the event of system outages due to Year 2000 issues.

3.In addition, an agency level Year 2000 contingency plan is also being developed.

Lastly, the FAA would reduce air traffic capacity before compromising the safety of the National Airspace System.

The FAA has always been committed to maintaining the highest level of air traffic safety. We will maintain that commitment into the Year 2000 and beyond.

-- Matt (, February 09, 1999.

The fundamental and obvious assumption behind the "Public Announcement" is that the only problems will be overseas. While some DGI's may be alarmed at the travel warnings, they will read this and infer that "all is well" in the US. There is no basis in fact for this, of course. Just faith and hope, basically.

Of course, that is the intended affect. The propaganda machine grinds on, and much of America is buying it. History does indeed repeat itself.

-- Steve Hartsman (, February 09, 1999.

The FAA is in deep trouble. I have been following them closely for a year. They have lied and misrepresented their ability to handle an extremely complicated problem. The FAA was told by IBM (1/98)in very specific terms that they (IBM) couldn't properly assess or fix the ancient FAA mainframes. The FAA response was at first - we will fix it ourselves (2/98), then, (8/98)we will be totally compliant 9/31/98, then October silence, then (11/98), we will replace the ATC mainframes with 10 year old IBM G3's (a process that might take 2 - 3 YEARS). Now (2/99) they are saying - "well, if we can't get them all replaced, then we will use "renovated" 3083's. However, no one has actually "renovated" a real 3083 yet (just simulations on another machine). This story makes the geeksters howl in either laughter or sheer terror. Lets be plain about this. There is every indication the FAA is going to kill people with their incompetence. Airplanes aren't going to fall out of the sky, but they could be directed into a mountainside!

See the following link (I have posted this before):,2822,19236,00.htm

-- RD. ->H (, February 09, 1999.

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