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Here's a copy of the first nomination I received:

"hey geo.... i think that your idiot of the week should be nick, for one very simple reason.. he said that wcw is good... whattan asshole...

this is from manley and dams... later skater...."

-- Geo (, February 09, 1999


uncle nick is an idiot for 'failing to appear' at bentley's roadhouse, windsor, ontario, canada on feb 5th for the buck's bday celebration. he said he had to work however he knew about the occasion for weeks in advace and still did not make arrangments so that he could be there for a very special occasion.

-- dixon (, February 09, 1999.

Although Beattie did fail to appear. He did, however, invite Buck for a ski weekend at Crystal Mt. Which I believe is far better than a few bought beers. -Klebba

-- Thomas J Hardass (, February 25, 1999.

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