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Thought you all might want a small inside peek at a DWGI becoming a GI. I first spoke of Y2K to my brother (who is nearly 10 years my senior) in July of last year. He thought I was losing my mind. I gave him piles of GAO documents, subcomittee testimony, Ed's book and the other such readings that had convinced me. Most went unread. "They" won't let it get that bad he said. Over the past seven months he has watched my preparations with some dismay. But just enough doubt remained that he began making some meager preparations of his own. Then this morning, I received the following email from him (posted with his permission):

Somehow you have finally done it. Today I awoke at 4:14 am filled with fear. Near panic is really what I felt. You have probably already passed that stage and understand what I mean.

I have been reading "Alas Babylon", I don't like the way it is written, nor do I feel there are a lot of parallels with how I must respond to the y2k issue. Yet there is just enough in it to make me not put the book down. I have completed just under half the book. If it weren't for y2k I would not read the remainder.

This morning I woke, somehow mixing in my mind my meager preparation for y2k and the book. My first thought was funny. My mind was screaming at me, "You idiot!! You've bought tickets for Elton John and we'll never even make it to March!"

Then I had a revelation. I have been comparing life after y2k with my military experience in Korea. And it is just not a valid comparison. (I also compare with my life in Africa and the Middle East and that is a much more accurate comparison.).

The U.S. Army will not be there to feed and house me while I hunt communists with the might and weaponry of the western bloc supporting me. Killing communists may not even be a priority after y2k.

I have been putting off buying sleeping bags, I wanted expensive ones that shed rain and are good to 60 below. I was putting too much emphasis on my military training. What I need is not rain proof, super bags. I need basic functional warmth for inside the house use. Much cheaper, easier to find, and easier to take care of.

My thinking has been incorrect.

My 28 gallons of stored water are beginning to mock me.

I don't know where this is leading me. I can only hope I don't become crazy like my brother.

I think he's going to be fine.

-- Arnie Rimmer (, February 08, 1999


Response to The 'Aha' Moment (DWGI --> GI)


Now send him to the camping outfitter and have him buy BOTH the house bag AND the other one, you never know. Or have him go to (I think) and he can get BOTH bags AND a BIVY!!

I DO THINK you are right. He'll be fine!!


-- Chuck, night driver (, February 09, 1999.

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