Urban Contingency Planning in New Zealand.

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Y2K Contingency Planning in New Zealand at:


Does not sound serious.. try this one..


I walked along the supermarket shelves today looking at the arrayed products and asked myself: what can we not do without?

Went out with plastic containers Went out with aluminum foil Went out with more vegetable seeds Went out with food flavourings, salt/spices.

Incidently: air fares over the millennium to/from NZ are FOUR times higher than normal.. I am sorry about the greed of some NZers who have become 'globalised' beyond sense.

-- Bob Barbour (r.barbour @waikato.ac.nz), February 08, 1999


er, Bob, how big is the projected tourist population for that time of year? depending on how things go, you folks might have a whole lot of new emigre's...


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), February 09, 1999.

Good question, in excess of 50,000 people expected.. in my view no one here is asking this question seriously from the point of what do we do with these folks if we can't get them out the way they got in...and they should be.. I have addressed it to politicians without getting a reply. I think one solution would be to hire Y2K compliant package tour ships park them offshore and encourage the folks to go home on them. On the other hand I personally would be more than happy to retain technically competent people...

From the inside NZ is looking less attractive than some other places like Tasmania in Australia, or Western Australia, or non urban parts of western USA and Canada.

-- Bob Barbour (r.barbour@waikato.ac.nz), February 09, 1999.

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