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New Yourdon article

-- a (a@a.a), February 08, 1999


How right Mr. Yourdon is.

Increasing the volume from one vendor, at the expense of another, requires time and planning by the 'winning' vendor, Ramping up of production or shifting service related functions cannot be done on the drop of a hat. Supply chain shifts do not happen quickly because of momentum drag within companies. The larger the company, the sooner they need to make these decisions.

If a company gives in to pleading by a vendor for "just a few more weeks...we're almost finished..." those few weeks may not be recoverable and time is the enemy. On the other hand, how many of the large users and customers of all those vendors are mission-critical ready themselves and can demand the same from their suppliers? It works both ways. Many decisions will come down "Who do you trust?" and "Who has lied to us in the past?"

Companies and people with a history of integrity may be the winners and those with a checkered past, may be the losers.

So be it.

-- PNG (png, February 08, 1999.

If a significant number of companies really do switch suppliers, this would raise awareness on Wall-Street (some stocks would plumet, others would skyrocket).

-- Anonymous99 (, February 09, 1999.

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