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Gary North has done it again this is a list of NON-COMPLIANT products that is on a gov't website not available to the general public so if the GOV'T knows what is not comliant any company stating they are on top of y2k is lying as their products are NOT compliant NOW !! - can we say SUE THE CEO & CIO :)

sean - get this while it's HOT and save it b 4 it DISAPPEARS

WE'RE sorry the document that you have requested is NOT available !

:) you know - here's the LINK

-- sean (, February 08, 1999



Thanks for the post!

At a quick glance, it appears that some of the entries in that list were from sources other than the manufacturer, while other entries in that list were directly from the manufacturer. As for the latter category, you will find many more non-compliant products listed on manufacturer websites.

For example, that list included a few HP products, but a search of HP's website lists additional non-compliant porducts.


-- Jerry B (, February 08, 1999.


Thanks for the post. It looks like a useful list of non-compliat products, and it reccommends solutions as well . Do you, or does anybody else know of a comparable list of embedded conrollers with Y2K issues? This would be useful for devices not specifically listed. Robert

-- Robert Neely (, February 08, 1999.


I apologize for the spelling errors in my reply. I may be the worlds worst typist.


-- Robert Neely (, February 08, 1999.

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