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Hi group, My guess is that most of you have received a letter from the Dean's office listing the stipulations for a May graduation. Please note that the Dean is necessitating that you have on file a Field Project Proposal Approval Form. Some of you were asking about that lately. It shouldn't be too difficult to follow the procedure, though it will take you some time. I'd suggest that you use notes you've gathered from your ITP work in December. I'll look over those and sign them. Mary Jean has gotten the list from last year indicating a second person on most of your committees and that person will need to sign also. We can maybe facilitate that happening. Notice that there is a date that is fairly near in March that this needs to be in the Dean's office.

After Wednesday's meeeting of the Psychiatrist is IN, somebody get started on a reaction through threaded discussion, and each please contribute your reaction/response also.

For our March 4 scheduled meeting, I need to be in Kalamazoo,MI attending to family medical matters. Would you prefer to meet without me, designate one or several of you to lead the discussion on logical/mathematical intelligence, bring in an outside person to do that, cancel the meeting and work independently?

-- Anonymous, February 08, 1999


I am all for cancelling the regular session on March 4th but to use that time for working independently. That time would truly be a gift right about now. Could we still meet in Mont. 108? Would it be possible to have that room open if we wanted to meet there to work on our own. To have four hours to work with our group would be awesome!

-- Anonymous, February 08, 1999

I agree with Barb...I would love to have that time to work together with my group independently. We could read and do some threaded discussion about the logical/mathematical intelligence if you like.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 1999

Hi Group . . . I'm all for being able to work with our groups during the evening, but I can see us devoting an hour to discussing the intelligence we are assigned to read. After that discussion, time for working on our papers.

-- Anonymous, February 09, 1999

I would also like to use that time for thesis work in the usual space. Laura and I both need an update on the class we missed due to conferences, and that would be a good opportunity to chat with those of you who were there. Can we officially meet without you, Frank? ( By official I guess I mean would we still get pizza?) I would not be adverse to designating some time for discussion on the reading, but I do not even have the text yet. Perhaps someone could let us know at the Wednesday meeting if this is possible? Thanks, Cathy

-- Anonymous, February 09, 1999

I would like to work independently. This would be invaluable time to work together on our thesis. It would be great if we could meet in Room 108 at 4:30 just like usual. Then we could touch base with our cohorts and still have a productive evening for our thesis work.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 1999

I think that we could divide the time into parts and that it would be very beneficial to have Mary Jean there for a little bit in case anyone has any questions regarding tuition payments, graduation requirements, or any necessary paperwork that needs to be completed. After this I am in favor of spending a period of time running through briefly some of the assigned reading from our text. I think that we could do this as a group very nicely together without necessarily needing a facilitator. Afterwards, time spent together in our research groups would be wonderful. Many of our groups have limited time together and we can definitely make this time work to our advantage.

-- Anonymous, February 12, 1999

I am sorry(?) to say that I be in Cancun on Mar. 3 so I will not be in class. Might I suggest that you don't do anything really fun until I get back! I'll bring you all back some sand. Believe it or not, I'm taking all my papers with me to work on. Dana

-- Anonymous, February 13, 1999

I am sorry(?) to say that I be in Cancun on Mar. 3 so I will not be in class. Might I suggest that you don't do anything really fun until I get back! I'll bring you all back some sand. Believe it or not, I'm taking all my papers with me to work on. Dana. I just got a message that this didn't send but I think it did so disregard the duplication

-- Anonymous, February 13, 1999

Since we are scheduled for both Weds, March 3 and Thurs March 4, It would be helpful to cancel the Thursday session. I know that many of the cohort members have difficulty attending two nights a week. It would also allow more flexibility for research groups to meet off campus, or in the library, etc. Plus, we have the Field project proposal to complete by March 12th. This would allow time for this as well. Do we need a full class session for each intelligence? Could we possibly do two during the next class meeting?

-- Anonymous, February 14, 1999

It would be great to be able to meet with our group to address the research proposal due March 12th and to go over the analysis of our research that we hope to have completed by then. It would help to meet in 108 and be able to interact with other cohort members who have input or questions on projects and requirements we have in common. I think it is of value to meet as our time together is getting short. We can use time for support and discussion as a whole group and with our smaller groups.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 1999

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