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The General Services Administration's website contains a Roleigh Martin Q&A response in which Martin cites the Royal Canadian Mounted Police advice of two weeks worth of food and cash and one month's worth of water. This cite includes the quote "we don't know if a month's supply is too much or not enough."

The same Q&A response includes a recommendation and link for Roleigh Martin's Neighborhood Handout.

I think the GSA posting is vital to the GI's interested in community preparation. This is a GSA website, not merely a link. So, in my book, it has the imprimatur of official advice.

Even the most dedicated DGI should be able to read between the lines to see an implicit recommendation of a month's worth of food. After all, can you foresee a situation where you would be able to obtain food but not water? Not likely, so why the discrepancy between the food and water recommendations. (Well, Canada has an unlimited supply of water for one thing.)

This GSA posting has become my #1 weapon in the persuasion process.

Note: Martin's response was posted way back on 1/21/99. Sorry if it's already been beat to death. I've seen the RCMP recommendations many times, but this is the first document of the US Govt. I've seen which includes that information. Good luck.

-- Puddintame (, February 07, 1999


Sorry, URL:

-- Puddintame (, February 07, 1999.


-- rb (, February 07, 1999.


If it is an open forum, and anybody may post on it, the posts cannot accurately be regarded as expressing the opinions supported by the host organization. Even many moderated fora include contributions with which the editor disagrees.

I don't know the specific policies of that site, but I doubt that the presence of Roleigh's post there, by itself, implies official approval.

Just my two cents worth.


-- Jerry B (, February 07, 1999.

What about toilet paper? What about a month of condoms? What about tampons?

Sheesh you people panic over anything. Several weeks of staples? That's what I keep in my cupboard every day. We live in Hurricane Alley. The Red Cross and other such extremists have been recommending that people keep supplies on hand for decades. Join the parade that's been going on since the 50's. WAKE UP.

Now if you're thinking that Y2K will affect us all for years or decades, that's another thing. Choose your poison. I respectfully disagree. But those who are talking about several weeks -- SO WHAT? Who can't prepare for that? A lot of us already are prepared, as we speak. And were before Y2K was even heard of. I keep enough cash in my wallet to live on for a month, all the time. And enough firepower in my pocket to take care of anybody who wants to try and take my wallet. That's every day, for the past 15 years.


You folks need something else to cry about. I'll be glad when 1-1-00 gets here, so you can. What'll you moan about then? Can I get some advance notice??

-- Hurricane Harry (, February 07, 1999.

We will moan about jerks like you of course!

-- irritated (, February 07, 1999.

If anyone asks for condoms, I'm going to tell them to take matters into their own hands! Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do!

-- rubadub (, February 07, 1999.

*******WEATHER ALERT*********

A hurricane named Harry suddenly struck the timebomb2000 forum this evening. We are happy to say that not much damage was done. Just some wasted space and time was spent.

-- Weather (, February 07, 1999.

rubadub ===== I'd be careful if I were you ==== CHOP! CHOP! CHOP!

-- I'dbe (, February 07, 1999.

Preparing for life through winters and up until the next harvest certainly comforted my ancestors. Thus I exist and am greatful that they believed in working to build reserves. Just take one quiet step at a time and be gentle with yourself. Thanks for sharing your posts.

-- Watchful (, February 07, 1999.

What do you think the chances are that we can make Harry a GI, even if we could get him to stick around??? <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 08, 1999.

PS - Nice, Weather.

-- Sysman (, February 08, 1999.

"Chewing gum"? From CONEHEADS. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Makes me want to play the HarMonica.(sorrrry to the kind people of this board).

-- nine (, February 08, 1999.

Jerry, In response to your comment about the GSA being an open forum or a moderated forum, you would be absolutely correct. The only problem with your comment is that the GSA site I listed is not a forum. It's a webpage which you have no access to. Did you go to the site? Granted, you can submit a question, but it'll only get answered if the GSA wants it answered. Go ahead, give it a try and see if you get an answer.

-- Puddintame (, February 08, 1999.

Gee, I'd never thought of the Red Cross as an extremist organization. Such a comment renders everything else Harry had to say as worthless.

-- Vic (, February 08, 1999.


I see that they reserve the option to exclude submissions, but from a glance at a few Q&As there, it would seem that they accept almost anything that's on topic. I would guess that they would exclude flames and gross language submissions, but I doubt, for example, that any policy level GSA honcho read Dennis Grabow's forecasts of large drops in stock market prices, and decided that such forecasts were in any way approved by GSA. So, my opinion is that it is a somewhat loosely moderated forum. But then, you know what free opinions are worth. :-)


-- Jerry B (, February 08, 1999.

Jerry B, GSA's use of the consultants for answering questions does allow some degree of separation from the answers, but my common sense tells me that GSA vets all the material posted on its site to make sure that it is not inconsistent with GSA thinking. To do otherwise would be grossly negligent. Jerry, do you think that the GSA does not vet the material for appropriateness?

-- Puddintame (, February 08, 1999.

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