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News 8

If anyone is in North Texas who could watch this and report back, it would be appreciated. The promo says that it will protect viewers from scams caused by "Y2K hysteria".

-- Wanda (, February 07, 1999


Wanda, Is News 8 a secure sight ? Is there any risk of downloading a virus or other corruption?

-- Watchful (, February 07, 1999.

News 8 is television station WFAA in Dallas. Should be secure, but, given it's owned by Belo (Dallas Morning News), it should be a "don't worry, be happy" kind of story.

-- Vic (, February 07, 1999.

Watchful, I don't know if it's a secure site, but I think Vic is right about the tone. From the promo on the link, "News 8's Byron Harris shows you how North Texans are making money from our Mellennial fearsand how you can protect yourself from the Y2K hysteria", I think it looks like another media opportunity to ridicule preparations. If anyone can watch the show tomorrow, it would be interesting to hear a report back.

-- Wanda (, February 07, 1999.

Go for it Watchful - I'll send ya the latest version of Mcafee if needed!

-- Sysman (, February 07, 1999.

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