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Hi Uncle,

Got yo mail. Thanks, I needed that. If I can survive 25 years in TEOTWAWKI, almost single-handedly, you WILL do a lot better. I am looking forward to the good old days of yore, even though my soul is stretched around the world like a rubberband.

Therein is a lesson, when it gets tough: Stretch, flex, streeeetchhh...


-- Not Again! (, February 07, 1999


Shhhhhh....I have an image to uphold, ya bastard ;)

-- Uncle Deedah (, February 07, 1999.

Now now Unc. You must be having a bad day. Come on now. Cheer up and keep well.

-- Watchful (, February 07, 1999.


just confirming that you were you, and not some cheap imitation. TTF

-- Not Again! (, February 07, 1999.

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