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Has anyone else seen the new documentary that Art Bell is hawking on his show? It's called Millennium Factor: The truth about Y2K and I just got my copy on Saturday.

It's the best thing I have yet seen or read on Y2K (Sorry, Ed)I have been trying to convince my brother that this thing is for real but he kept saying it was just a bunch of hype. Even after he read Timebomb, but when we watched this video, he got really nervous.

The approach is well rounded with both points of view being submitted, interviews included Dr. Bob Alloway, Peter De Jager, Alan Simpson, Arnaud De Borgrave, Rick Cowles, Irene Dec, and others. The best part is when we see Senator Dodd confronting Jane Garvey from the FAA in a hearing. He is really angry and basically calls her a liar when she says they'll be ready. How come we never saw this on CBS news!!!?

The video is very complete and does not have a lot of the right wing stuff that can turn some people off. Very fair, which makes it even more scary! I think they have a web site too, or something. Anyway, they're giving out the number on Art Bell.

Anyone else seen this yet?

-- Paul Roget (, February 07, 1999


Paul, Many thanks for the info. Will follow up. Keepwell.

-- Watchful (, February 07, 1999.

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