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What may be an absolutly essential part of your families food preparedness should be an ample supply of seeds for sprouting beside seeds for planting. The Reason being that no matter how well you prepare you stored rashion's you will eventially become enzyme deficient in a matter of weeks. This will leave your your body's defenses weaken to fighting off diseases. In the case of a captured U- boat during world-war 2 the ships crew as a result of not haveing fresh veggies and fruits for several months developed scurvy while the officers did not. What they found that every time they boarded a ship they hit, the officers hoarded all the fresh fruits and veggies while leaving the canned and stored food for the crew. They could figure out why the ships crew were getting sick with all the abundance of food. That's when they realized how critical live food is. Also this is how advance army scouts were able to ride out weeks in advance of troops settling the west without starving to death. They always carried plenty of sproutting seeds. They carried a leather pouch next to their bodies to use for spouting these seeds, the warmth from their body would allow enough warmth to permit the seeds to sprout thus providing food. I hope these tips help, Stay positive and prepare,prepare,prepare with love in christ to ya all mike y2k aware

-- y2k aware group (Food @conservation .com), February 06, 1999


Rose hips anyone.

For California ge-donks...Edible and Useful Plants of California by Charlotte Bringle Clark, University of California Press

-- Freeman (, February 06, 1999.

I subscribe to a magazine called "The Herb Companion," P.O. Box 55294, Boulder, CO 80323-5294 It is an excellent publication and is a good source of information on wild herbs, plants, etc. I guarantee that you will like it! P.S. I don't have stock in the company, I just like the publication!

-- bardou (, February 06, 1999.

Yep, sprouts the route we're going. Green pea, quinoa, alfalfa, garbanzo, adzuki, sesame, lentil, brocolli, triticale, sunflower, etc. Great, easy, doesn't take heat or cooking, live food! Also no cooking smells to alert others one's about to eat :^)

We have an old manual wheatgrass juicer too.
Warning: wheatgrass juice not compatible with chocolate.
Have been other threads & posts re Anne Wigmore & Hippocrates Method for those wanting to learn more re sprouting.

Thanks, Mike, & all others who have brought sprouting up

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-- Leska (, February 06, 1999.

Leska: Where did you get your what grass juicer?

-- bardou (, February 06, 1999.

We got it six years ago from a local Hippocrates distributor. It does grind sprouts well too, for those who do not want a chipped tooth because of a hard seed that didn't sprout. At the time we opted for a manual over an electric because we felt someday electricity would not be a given. We kept a worm farm in organic soil and fed them wheatgrass roots and juicing pulp. The worms multiplied like spagetti and the soil become rich and the four-inch-high wheatgrass was supreme. Easy to do, no smell, easy to maintain. Wheatgrass has potent healing and sustaining properties. Good luck, bardou

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-- Ashton (, February 06, 1999.

Yes I know about the wheat grass juice, I have several books on how to grow and extract wheat grass (picked them up a yard sales). While the information is excellent, I haven't found a manual extractor source. I may have to buy commerical, but what good is an electric extractor to me if the power is off? By the way, I have a good friend who has multiple myaloma (sp?). They gave her only 6 weeks to live. She began drinking wheat grass juice and some other treatments. That was 4 years ago! She goes twice a day to a "juice bar," and gets her drinks there. She swears by the juice and her doctors are amazed that she is still alive. Maybe there is something to it!

-- bardou (, February 07, 1999.

Bardou, yes, there is much true good to wheatgrass juice. It is purifying. Best results with total lifestyle change toward optimal health. Fresh raw juicing, salads, fresh air, sunshine, deep breathing, exercise, meditation, love, happiness. Multiple myeloma is a formidable disease to beat. Good for your friend.

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-- Ashton (, February 07, 1999.

Bardou and Leska, glad you both brought this up! I'd bookmarked a site with wheatgrass juicers, wanting to get started growing and doing my own.

I'm gluten-sensitive and need to keep wheat-eating and grain-eating to a minimum. So, kept meaning to find out if wheatgrass has any gluten. Did some searching just now, and apparently it has none! Great news!

Wheatgrass Juicers, electric and manual

-- Debbie Spence (, February 07, 1999.

Wheatgrass juice really is healthy, though it doesn't taste the greatest, you dont need more than 1-2 ounces a day. (more could make you feel sick unless youre used to it, as it is so concentrated). I have a miracle manual juicer, and it works great. A new one can be had for about 50-60.00 from any health food store. Or, you can order online. Do a search, but i turned up several good sources too. Miracle exclusives Utah Wheatgrass Gourmet Greens, inc. (they also sell used juicers, as well as new) Ann Wigmore foundation ( she has loads o information on the subject)

-- Damian Solorzano (, February 07, 1999.

Hi Debbie & Damian, thanks for the sites.
Debbie, when we went to Bob's Red Mill, they said spelt is being hoarded in Montana because it is good for those with wheat/gluten allergies. So get your stash now :)

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-- Leska (, February 07, 1999.

Thanks Leska - oh I thought spelt did have gluten; will have to check into this again. This is new to me - newly diagnosed gluten sensitivity, always suspected it. (Good thing we didn't order that ton of hard red winter wheat.)

Off to read those archives!

-- Debbie Spence (, February 07, 1999.


"Most diseases occur in an acidic environment," says Rosen. "Disease does not thrive in a system with the proper pH levels."

Wheatgrass juice is extremely alkalizing and neutralizes the build-up of harmful metabolic acids that sets the stage for hundreds of chronic and acute diseases to manifest.


The body maintains an upper and a lower pH on a cellular level (pH=parts hydrogen). For optimal health the lower pH should be at 4 and the upper pH should be about 6.9. If the 2 move closer together then you have a state of reduced immunity. Bacteria, viruses etc. thrive in between these 2 pH levels. Approximately 98% of the population are too acidic and need to increase their upper pH. Wheatgrass is excellent for this, but so are several other products.

-- K Golden (, February 07, 1999.

please someone tell me where to buy the seeds to sprout.. I just ordered some seeds to plant in the garden.. should I order more for sprouting only?

-- rooster (, February 07, 1999.

I bought a 25 pound bag of dried peas for only $7. I soaked some overnite and gave then 4 days to sprout. They taste just like fresh peas out of the garden!!! So I went back to the grain place and bought 500 pounds. It tasts so good, that I could live off the stuff! Try it, you'll like it!!!!

-- Sprout eater (, February 07, 1999.


Buy seeds that are sold specifically for sprouting only. The garden seeds that you buy are very often treated with fungicides and would not be safe to consume when sprouted.

-- Cathy (, February 07, 1999., February 13, 1999. link

-- z (, February 13, 1999.

test link

-- z (, February 13, 1999.

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