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Wonder if they got 3 billion how much the mafia would let slip out of there sticky mitts...

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia conceded Wednesday it needs up to $3 billion to tackle the Year 2000 computer glitch -- six times the original estimate -- and appealed to the United States to help fix computers which control stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

Overwhelmed with debts to pensioners and foreign creditors, Russia's government has long played down the cost and urgency of confronting the so-called "millennium bug," which could destabilize computer systems that control Russia's nuclear arsenal, the world's second largest.

The cost is staggering in a country so broke that its draft budget for this year foresees just $21 billion in revenues.

Last year, officials estimated they would need $500 million to make sure older computers do not recognize the new double-zero date as 1900 rather than 2000, which could make systems go haywire.

But the old sum was announced before a thorough review of the problem, said Alexander Krapnov, chairman of Russia's Central Telecommunications Commission, which is coordinating the country's work on the millennium bug.

After the first extensive study of government agencies facing potential computer failures -- those that control military bases, oil pipelines and airports -- Krapnow upped the estimate Wednesday to $2-3 billion.

And with just 330 days to go before the changeover, Krapnot said each agency was responsible for finding funds to solve the problem.

"These agencies have already done half their jobs, they've counted out how much" money they'll need, he told a news conference. "Now they're seeking their own sources of financing."

He made no suggestions about where the cash might come from, but he did appeal to NATO and the U.S. Defense Department to consult with Russia on the problem.

Russia wants to "speak the same language" as the U.S. Defense Department and NATO, he said. [What??, they already speak the same language, the language of unremediated code - Andy]

Russia has already agreed to allow NATO experts to investigate the potential danger to Russian weapons systems from the glitch. While an errant missile launch brought on by a computer clock failure would be highly unlikely, computer snags could sabotage related systems, such as radar and telecommunications networks.

Krapon would not say how much money the Defense Ministry needs for the Year 2000 problem, but said the energy sector needs a hefty chunk -- $160 million.

A key task will be keeping heating systems functioning across this vast, northern country next Jan. 1, he said.

He also warned that the widespread use of pirated software in Russia could threaten many computer systems.

Still, many analysts say Russia won't be as badly damaged by the millennium bug as countries like the United States because Russia has far fewer computers and a lower overall level of technology.

While Krapnot insisted that his commission was doing everything it could, he said, "Who knows if the country will be ready. ... I can't give any guarantees."

[I can - Russia is toast, burnt toasties - Andy,

Thank God I didn't get that Moscow contract...]

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-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), February 06, 1999


Andy, Why do you think Bill hit Iraq with those cruise missiles? He could have done better with F17 and smartbombs ( would have been a lot cheaper too) Forget the "" minimise risk to personel reason) Every missile he fired does not need upgrading, every smartbomb and harm missile fired since then doesnt need it either. Nato wants to deploy troops and attack Kosovo not for peace they need to get rid of old junk that would cost an arm and a leg to get ready for y2k or to have it destroyed.


-- rickjohn (rickjohn1@yahoo.com), February 06, 1999.

Hi Andy, good to see you back. Yes I read that article the other day. Russia is in deep do do and I don't see any way out for them. Well, one way out. That's what scares me.

-- Nikoli Krushev (doomsday@y2000.com), February 06, 1999.

Geez, Andy, how many chairmans do they have? LOL

-- Kofe (nofoodshortages@dont.worry), February 06, 1999.

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